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Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks & Anger?

My question is, I have severe anxiety, that is so bad that I had to quit my job because I couldn't handle it anymore. I cant even leave the house to go grocery shopping. This anxiety is ruining my life and my relationship. I have an appointment next week with a psychiatrist. Do you think that she will possibly prescribe me a   benzodiazepine? I heard that those are really good at relieving the anxiety & panic fairly fast. But would she prescribe me one of those along with another anti-anxiety medication for long term use?  Just a Benzo to help me through the days until the other medicine starts taking affect? Also the anxiety has been making me very irritable and angry..  Please help!!
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First, have you ever seen a therapist?  I agree that if your anxiety is as bad as it is you probably need meds, but they won't cure you.  Therapy might.  As for the medication, benzos are short-term relief but are also addictive drugs so are usually prescribed nowadays as needed.  As with any other med, you have to find one that works for you -- some might not.  As for the long-term relief, that's usually an antidepressant.  If you find one that works, it will work all the time, not just for a short time as benzos do.
I second what Paxiled says. Additionally, your anger is normal and guessing by your name that you're in your late teens or so, there are many pressures that you will feel society is putting on you. If you can focus a bit more on what you really want to do [be realistic and make them simple goals] you may find your anger getting less intense. Best wishes. Please let us know how it's going.
@Paxiled: Thank you so much for your response. I do have my first appointment on Friday the 13th, so I will update on what happens. I do agree with you, but I can't even leave the house due to my anxiety, so I'm hoping I do get prescribed a benzo (not to abused) just for the short term relief, but I also want prescribed the antidepressant so in 4-6 weeks that medicine can start working , and then I could take the benzo as needed. That's what I think would be best for me. Of course I'm not a doctor, but I feel that it will help me the most.
@NamasTay: Yes I am 19 years old, the anger has always been there, but it's gotten worse due to the anxiety. I just want to feel normal, and be able to do everyday life things. I know I definitely need help with the anxiety, the anger isn't as bad, but I'd like to get more stable moods. I will update you guys on what my psychiatrist says. I hope this appointment will be a lifesaver. Thank you guys, and I will let ya know what it said and happens.
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