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I think I have always had a problem with anxiety, but was always able to deal with it.  I have always had really bad nightmares or night terrors where I would have dreams of snakes trying to get me which would make me dart out of bed and run thru the house in complete panic. One time I woke up jumping on my bed and banging on the wall trying to get out of my room. (this started in my teens,  I am now 28).  I have just started a second job and have been married for almost a year,(10 year old stepdaughter), so I think that stress is playing a big part of my anxiety attacks.  I am not depressed,  so I need some advice.  I haven't gone to the doctor about this because I don't have insurance, but am getting it in about a month.  Can't they just give me a tranquilizer like Valium.  I don't want to be on an antidepressant.  Is anyone else on a tranquilizer alone.
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My honest opinion from my own experience is that medications alone don't treat anxiety as well as  when they are used in conjuction with cognitive behavorial therapy. While the meds due help with the symptoms of anxiety they don't help you learn the cause or how teach you how to cope without needing them. :-)

I have used valium when needed and many here have used xanax, ativan or klonopin.

Take care,
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Thanks for responding,  I will look into the therapy, but I think it is something that I inherited as well.  My dad suffers with panic attacks and is not on any meds.  I just hate the way that I feel when I have an attack.  Sometimes it feels like I'm about to die.  And I know that I need to reduce my stress but it is impossible right now. : )
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I know what you mean about being able to deal with things until now.  ****, my life is stressful now and I'm axious.  Maybe if you have the income to, you can just somehow buy the drugs without insurance just to get a grip on things.  Do some internet reading, be very informed and know what you'd like to take, see a community doctor with a sliding scale (if you don't understand that, search "free clinic" and go to town), verify it with him/her, and then commit.

Then once your insurance is up and going, you're cool again.  You should probably see a psychologist or psychiatrist for a bit to clear up the underlying issues of the snakes.  Remember Indiana Jones was scared of snakes and that guy turned out pretty cool, so don't fret.
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