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Severe Social Anxiety

Hello. I am nearly 30 years old and I am terrified of dating. I have already been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I take Lexapro, Clonopin, and Abilify daily. Still, they have done nothing to quell my anxiety about dating. I have been to two therapists and currently see a psychiatrist. Has anyone had a similar situation? What did you do for help? I try to meet a guy, but whenever things start to get serious, I make an excuse and cancel.
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I understand that, try a med called GABAPENTIN it did wonders for my anxiety. You have to take 1200mg approx for it to work but just ask for it and don't tell the doc you will take that much at once. They used to give it in 6000mg doses for trials so its safe. I take 800mg 4 times per day and it did wonders for social anxiety. I take klonopin also sometimes. Trust me it works. It takes 2 hours to fully take effect (gabapentin) but it will work. They will start you on low dose but just try taking it all at once to reach near 1200mg. I take 1600-3200mg at once per day and don't need to keep redosing ever. Just one time per day. Good luck
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