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Severe anxiety symptoms please help.

Hello everyone, I have been browsing this site for a while now and its helped me during my attacks.

Fisrt let me start out how this started, i am currently 17 years old, 5' 10" 175 lbs. about 4 years ago I had a panic attack out of no where, my first one, this included major chest pins and impending death. Ever since that day i wold have an attack at night, i was afraid of being alone at night for some reason. This all started after my fathers leg surgery was botched and he got blood clots. I started to feel pains in my leg thinking i had blood clots myself, he would get chest pains, i would get them too every pain he had i had. Ive been in and out of the hospital, had numerous tests done (my doctors said i was in 100% perfect health) this included x rays, ekg's blood tests, echograms. They said i couldent be in better shape. But i kept on worrying, this dident help one bit. ive visited doctors, physhyatrists, nothing helped, ive taken zoloft, and buspar. But the meds made me feel weird so i ended them. Now, years later i keep having constant reaccouring problems, i visited this website: "http://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety_symptoms.shtml"  and read the symptoms, and my jaw dropped. i had literly, no lie, about 95% of those things. One of the most recent is this derealization/depersonalisation feeling, everything feels weird. Years ago, i used to have attacks, at night only, now i get these symptoms all day, all day long i am dizzy i feel so weird like at a mall, it feels like nothing is normal like im embarassed about anything and everything and (CONTINUED BELOW)
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i now have more and more symptoms every day and i just cant get over ttelling myself that theres nothign wrong with me. I love working on cars i always have but i have no willpower anymore. I want to go out and do something i lvoe, so i sit in the house and say to myself "Ok let go c'mon i gotta do this" but then i just think to myself "Why? Whats it matter?" and sit there watching tv. I sometimes have headaches and neck and back pains, but for 2 days now ive had this pain, only when i move my head or strain, its pretty local on one side of my head, but it moves slightly throughout the day, randomly. Lets say ill bend over, or turn my head or strain or get up quickly ill get a zap in the side of my head or behind my eye or neer my temple, its got me so worried looking up information on anyuresms (my dad has alot of head pains too wich makes me have them also) and brain tumors, this is ghoing to sound stupid, but, im constantly checking my spit and inside my nose to see if im bleeding to death or somehting. Does anyoe else have these problems? I dont want to go to doctors and take pills, i just want 100% reassurance that theres nothing wrong. I just dont know what to do anymore, theres no stoping it. All of my problems have bcome an all day thing, not just atacks anymore.
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Thank you so much for your reply! I dont think that i have OCD but i might, as im reading this, i noticed one thing:

"A need for both sides of the body to feel even. A person with OCD might walk down a sidewalk and step on a crack with the ball of their left foot, then feel the need to step on another crack with the ball of their right foot."

Hm, thats odd, sometimes ill just be sitting there and ill move a table, or pick something up and get a pressure feeling in my hand, and ill feel a need to have the same feeling in the other hand, liek they have to be even. This usualy happens with pressure liek body sensations. Its not liek i HAVE to do it, but it get an odd sensation that i want to do it, like i want them to be even. Maybe i have OCD with GAD. Anyway, thanks for your help, its good to see that there are others out there like me.
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thanks so much for your response, best of wishes to you too!
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Oh Yeah - all sounds SO familiar.  I have MANY of the same thoughts and feelings as you.  Dizzy throughout the day, strange pains in my head, panicky, etc...  Everyday is just another day I attempt to survive.  Is today the day I'm going to die? Will I have a heart attack? a brain tumor? a stroke? Will I live till next week?  I remember just praying to live through Christmas so my two darling little girls could celebrate with their Mom. Will I be able to drive to the store tomorrow to pick up what I need, or will I need my husband to do it for me because I'm afraid I'll pass out driving and crash.  It can be exhausting. I feel your pain...I live it everyday too.  Find a good doctor and  psychotherapist - you are much too young to feel like that.  I'm too young.  I hate it!!  I've been ssing a therapist for a few years.  I've made progress, but it's slow.  I'm hoping my new plan to attempt better nutrition and exercise will help.  Time will tell.  Hang in there and know that you are not alone.  Best to you!
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If the doctors checked you out and said you were healthy, chances are they are absolutely right. It is amazing what the mind can create for the body. I was fired from my job six months ago and almost immediately began suffering from anxiety. I have had a list of symptoms, all very really and consistent throughout the day. Dizziness, eye pain, shakiness, derealization just to name a few. I also went to numerous specialists and had numerous tests including a brain MRI. ALL came back "normal". You are not a unique case, although I know you feel like that right now. Anxiety can ABSOLUTELY cause the symptoms you've described. The moment you realize this you will begin feeling some relief from your symptoms. That is what has happened with me. Also, no one else will or can convince you that you are physically well ... you alone have to make up your mind that you are ! DO NOT go down the road of hypochondria, it is a never ending road because there are thousands of diseases possible and you will want to explore many of them because of your intense anxiety. Here is what has helped me in recent weeks.
1. Self talk in a positive way. We all talk to ourselves "in our heads" all day long. If you feel an uncomfortable thought enter your head just interrupt it by saying something like .. NEXT ! or SILLY THOUGHT ALERT and then think of something you like or sing a song to yourself. I know this sounds silly but it has worked for me. Also, positive affirmations ... for instance "I am stress free and happy" say it over and over again.
2. KEEP BUSY with things that require your attention. Work, sports etc. You will notice that once you stop focusing on your anxiety you will get some relief.
3. Excercise as much as you can handle. It works wonders during and after.
4. Eat more nutritious foods and drink plent of water.
5. Seek professional therapy. (maybe try a different med. or a natural herb that helps with anxiety)
6. Tell yourself this is a temporary situation and that it is a "gift" to be able to learn how powerful the mind is. (I know this one is hard). Then you can use this same power to your advantage.
7. Talk to friends, try to find things to laugh and smile about, watch comedies. I did not laugh or smile for months after my anxiety started.
8. Take others advice on what worked for them ... especially on this web site.
9. Seek nature. Lakes, the ocean, anything peaceful.
Good luck !
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Love the response from Lightwise!  I will also try many of them.

I know the horrible feeling.  I cannot begin to tell you how anxiety has intruded in my life.  When I am home alone with my daughter (whom I adopted from China..she is beautiful.)  I have this dread feeling about leaving the house.  Even to walk the dog is a chore.  I hate when I am off from work, because I am just truly miserable.  Just a constant feeling of doom.  The only times that I enjoy going out to the stores is when my husband is with me.  Otherwise I have this feeling like "I have to get home."  I took my daughter to a Christmas party with my sister and the whole entire time I had that "drunk" feeling in my head.  Felt like I couldn't focus.

I fight many of these feelings and have done a pretty good job except in severe cases.  I am on paxil and buspar and feel 99% better than before the meds.  (Couldn't even leave my bed, except for work).  But I would love for it to all end.  I also had every disease possible...brain tumor, MS, Lupus, AIDS...had CAT scans, MRI's blood work ups...totally fine.  

There is not an answer I can give except to get to a good psychotherapist. (Helps me tremendously)  Just take comfort in that you are not alone and there are many of us fighting this together.
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Your symptoms are simmilar that of mine. I too had panic attacks more frequently. I faced panic attacks whenever I travelled in bus or aeroplane. In darkness I felt uneasiness that always converted into panic attack. But I was advised to do exercise esp.YOGA. I started it including breathing exercises of YOGA in morning and walking for 45 minutes in evening and I felt a lot of relief. Now I am all right. Some times I feel uneasiness in winter. After doing PRANAYAM (breathing exercise of YOGA) I become normal. Let me advise you to do YOGA under the supervision of a expert and I hope you will be healthy again.
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Has anyone tried naturally herbs for relief of aniexty?
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I am experiencing almost the exact same symptoms as you and it is tough but you will get through it and so will I. You have to focus on the positives and forget the negatives or it will just get worse. Focus on the positive aspects of your life,you are healthy,focus on things you enjoy,your friends family.And most importantly talk about it as much as you can to anybody you can.

Good luck

P.S. For anybody who has been having problems like these here is something that has helped me.
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WOW, it feels so much better when I see that there are many others people who feel the same way I do. I'm 22 years old and I have been suffering from anxiety for as long as I can remember. Even as a little kid I would get really nervous and end up getting a fever so sick. Since my dog died a few months ago and I've been stressed with alot of school work, my anxiety is getting much worse. I hardly sleep at night and my shoulders and neck are really stiff. When I start to feel anxious my body gets numb in certain spots and I start freaking out even more! I try to tell myself to calm down but its really hard! Sometimes I just feel like Im going CRAZY!!
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i suffer from post tramatic stress severe angziety severe depression OCD and the best advice i can give everyone is just to push through your fears and you will realize theres nothing to worry about you need to look at the good things about yourself and reasure yourself that there is truly nothing to worry about i really do now how painful and frustrating these thoughts and feelings can be but you need to think hard about life and realize we all have a certain amount of time here so enjoy it well you have it dont dwell on things that arent truly important unless you become super sick or your bleeding like crazy dont worry about dieing its not even worth it really think hard about this you just gota say hey if something is gona happen somethings gonna happen you cant really prevent it if you truly are concerned about the way you feel go get it checked out and if the doctor says its ok then its ok. learn to appreciate life and stop and smell the roses once in a while enjoy the time with your loved ones and if you need medication take it it will help i understand when you say you dont liek it or the way it makes you feel but eventually you will get used to it or try a diffrent medicatino if it doesnt work your doctor will help you through this but just remeber the average human lives for 70-80 years if your lucky so rember the clock is ticking and you need to live life to the fullest hope you all take this into consideration and get better.
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I just wanted to let you all know that I experience the same symptoms. I have anxiety everyday...The most difficult thing to deal with is the dizziness and lighthheadiness...I hate it ...My doc tell me I am perfectly health too but I dont believe them...I always want further testing ....Now my DR is at the point where he wont even listen to me....I pray each and every night I can gain my life back ...Its ruining everything my job, family, etc  If anyone has any ideas has to how to handle this please please please please let me know  I am desperate
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