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Short duration Headaches

Hello everyone. Lately I've been really stressed and I'm always thinking that there is something wrong with me. I found a lump under my sternum and I thought that I had cancer, but it was just my xiphoid process. Now I'm dealing with some kind of headaches that they last no more than 4-5 seconds. They are not painful at all, and it feels more like a weak preasure. They keep coming back every now and then, sometimes sooner, sometimes not, and in different part of my head every time. So I would like to ask if my health anxiety could cause these headaches.
Thank you in advance.
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I have noticed lots of head pressure, tingling, headaches, dull and sharp since being diagnosed with anxiety, Eventually I stopped stressing about it and unless the weather changes and a storm rolls in giving me a migraine I dont really notice anything any more. I was just focusing on every little thing.
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Thank you for the reply Kellisue89 ! It's true..! Now that I'm trying to relax and avoid thinking of it, I only feel them 2-3 times a day! I hope that in the next week I will not feel them anymore!
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