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Should I go to ER? Need help now!

It's been over a week now and I can't take it.

>Have had neck strain for months
>Had on and off feeling in throat for months
>Sore throat a little over week agao, lost voice, went away after two days
>Once it went away, tearing in left eye and runny nose in one nostril, tears lasted hours, runny nose only one hour.
>Same time I get this little icepick type headache, but more subtle, almost like a little lead pencil poking just on the left back side of head.
>Next day it takes up whole back of head along with a light pressure, I have health anxiety I get worried cause I never have head issues ever. The nose and teary eyes have gone away by this point
>Neck feels a bit tight just along the sides and whatnot, the worry gets worse.
>Third day, advil, gets rid of pain but I touch scalp out of worry. Brushing over my hair brings strange tenderness, doesnt hurt though. Also, occassional painless pulse in scalp.
>Fourth day advil wears off, rest of the days I am experience on and off eye strain, tender around and under cheeks and temples, pressure on bridge of nose and between eyes along with forehead sometimes at the same time that the back of my head will sometimes get 'pressure'
Anxiety has worsened as has the neck strain every now and than
Thus we are up to date

Clinic says stress headaches, friend says sinus inflammation, but what about aneurysm? Occipital neuralgia? Something in my neck? Bad infection from not tackling those throat issues sooner?
CT scan, if so what kind? What do I do? :c The anxiety is making me overthink and worry and I dont like it, I have been pacing around my house and avoiding talking to my online pals because of this.

The only thing thats stopped me from going to the ER is that its not my money we are paying with but my fathers..but at the same time this is just...draining.

Things to know
>I am 20 and female
>Probably overweight, I don't even know how much anymore aside that I am heading towards the 200 range and am only 5'1. It's been a few months but someone told me they thought I gained this weight quick and could perhaps link another issue to thyroid problems I don't even know. :c I gained the weight steadily over the year so eh, not sure about that
>History of diabetes in family, but I don't know if I have it. Sometimes I wonder if I do
>Getting checked for gallbladder stuff soon
>I have GERD, reflux ***** and I dislike it
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If you are concerned, then you should see a doctor. It  doesn't mean that there is actually something wrong (like aneurysm), but it will likely give you some piece of mind to explain to a medical professional how you are feeling and what you are experiencing and letting them take it from there.

I find the more that you focus on your physical symptoms, the worse they are. Over time, it does get easier to be able to acknowledge and cope with your physical anxiety symptoms. It takes practice, but is doable.

If you have health anxiety (like I do), then you can consider getting yourself into shape by exercising and eating right. I'm not saying you have to go be model thin, but it may help you to feel better about your health knowing that you are doing positive things to keep your body well.
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