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Small panic attacks before bed and a sense of fear when waking

I av lived with anxiety for nearly to yrs now but now before. I go to bed I am having small panic attacks I can fall a sleep wen it calms down as I take a sleeping pill by my dr  but wen I wake its a feeling like pure fear and for the rest of the day I suffer with that feeling like something is going to happen my legs are weak I av very little balance I get light headed can't eat  cannot stop the thoughts my meds help alittle been put on anew med venlalic my dr says it can take up to  too was to work dose anyone suffer all day their anxiety my legs are my mane worry I can't go to work been on the sick for a while now I feel awfull hope someone can help blessed be to you all
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Have you ever learned cognitive behavioral therapy from a psychologist?  There is controlled breathing that will help you get rid of the panic attack.  You can actually be hyperventilating without even knowing it.  Try the following

Lay down on the couch or bed.  Put your hands on your stomach.  Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for 5 seconds, you can count this out in your head and then let it all back out through your mouth.  Make sure you can feel the rise and fall of your stomach with your hands.  Continue to breath this way until you feel the panic subside.  

Also you can try some meditation videos on YouTube as well.  

Ideally though, you should be seeing a psychologist for CBT.  Who is prescribing your medication?  GP or Psychiatrist?
My GP I am waitng for a app for psychologist I am seeing a case worker thank you
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Okay...good luck.  Try the breathing though!  :)  
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Hi jaygo- I have experienced similar symptoms as well.  Had a lot of paranoia like that for a long time until I got sober for a sustained period of time.  I'd say the most important things is to see a psychiatrist, if you haven't already.  Most of the time you will need a referral, but they are not hard to procure.  I was prescribed the WRONG types of medications by my GP (such as Xanax) and was never properly diagnosed (bipolar 2) for many years.  I take buspar and it works pretty well for me.  

I second the idea of JGF25- cognitive behavior therapy really helped me work out some of those anxieties.  I used to think I would be shot or jumped or run over - constantly.  Just felt like someone behind me was about to whack me over the head with something, no matter where I was.  I have also used REBT, which is like a cousin to CBT.  It stands for reactive emotive behavior therapy, based on the idea that we CAN control our thoughts.  Having bipolar, I thought that sounded outright insane- then I read a book called "3-Minute Therapy", which was written with the pioneer of REBT.  The guy actually had it free online until his publisher forced him to take it down.  They still have part of it up: http://www.threeminutetherapy.com/ and you can order it on ebay, shipped, for around $8.  At least check out the link.  Both CBT and REBT use the basis of structured reasoning to combat the frustrating emotions and physical symptoms of cognitive issues.  

As for sleep - I think a lot of my fears around sleep stem from the anxiety around insomnia.  I had it all my life and ironically worrying about it just makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I know that those physical symptoms in the body, like feeling like you are floating (albeit ungracefully) through rooms.  

I have had a lot of problems with food in the past and still deal with them, to a much lesser extent.  I can recommend that you should splurge on whatever you will eat.  If it is from one of your favorite food joints that is a little pricey, so be it.  You've saved money while not eating, so start eating- no matter what it costs!  Then, obviously, try to transition back to a healthy, normal diet as much a possible.
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Hey jaygo! I hope you read this comment..or anyone that is going throught this.. Is a testimony but is reality! Back in 2008 i suffer a panic attack i end up in the hospital. I was very confused. Didn't know what was happening to me. I couldn't breathe! Until they told me i had siffer a panic attack! than i went to the doctor the next day were they have me some medication was called buspirone! Got me worst than it lead me to depression went back to the doctor than she told me it will take some time until my body get use to the pill. Well everything when on i was lost in this world alot of things went through my head. Couldn't eat do anything but i had my faith in my lord jesus Christ who died for us. I got on my knees and ask god to clean me to forget my sins to heal me. I know one day he will take me out from this anxiety and depression that was ruin my life. And i thought that i would 4ever have this For the rest of my life.For 2 years without been able to work or go anywhere in public. I thought people would hurt me. Well That day came jesus Christ heal Me. until this day im not taking no pills not a single one at all. God heal me and he can heal you too.. Amen jesus loves u! Accept him in to your life. And u will see a Big change in your life!! He heals his the only one!!
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