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Does heavy smoking has to do with anxiety attacks and depression?
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I quit smoking because they would give me such bad anxiety attacks. Is this what you mean?
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When you quit smoking did the anxiety attacks end? I smoke, and never associated that with my anxiety....since quitting smoking is so stressful in the first place, it seems like that would make anxiety worse, rather than make it better.
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i have heard from several people that smoking makes anxiety worse. i'm a smoker too, i have tried to quit several times, sometimes for months at a time. my anxiety was a little better after awhile, meaning after the withdrawal. i would say to cut down and see how you feel. in my opinion, i don't think quiting smoking will (cure) your anxiety and panic attacks. alot of people with anxiety disorders don't smoke. take care. remar
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I stopped smoking cigarettes last august and it made my anxiety worse, i went a few months after that where i was experiencing really bad anxiety to the point where i felt i was losing control, panic attacks, etc. My doctor thinks it might have triggered it because of the stress i was going through plus it isn't easy just dropping a 10 yr smoking habit.
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It's a catch 22....smoking can definitely increase anxiety....but so can quitting.  The good thing is....the anxiety you feel when quitting is only temporary.  Of course, there are a million other reasons why quitting is good...however you won't get a lecture from me, as I struggle with the same vice.  :0(

I WILL say that in my experience, when I'm feeling that pre-panic feeling...smoking almost certainly just throws me right into a full blown attack.  When my anxiety level is quite high....I just do not smoke...at least not unless I am at home, in case I DO run into issues.  It's pretty dumb...lol.

If you are considering quitting (and if you are...GREAT for you!)...then maybe ask your doc about the options out there.  Some do great quitting cold turkey...others need some help, either with a patch, or other nicotine product.

Let us know how you're doing...you may just encourage some of us who also need to do the same darn thing.  
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I noticed that smoking increases my anxiety symptoms. Ive got a Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I think of the "what ifs" too often and go into panic attacks. Im trying to quit smoking and also get back on my Paxil. Trying to take it one day at a time.
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