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Smoking causes anxiety.....

I wish someone could get the word out on what smoking weed causes!!!! There are so many post on here related to smoking and anxiety, the reason i say this is because if I would have never smoked weed myself I feel I would have never had anxiety. Has anyone noticed the relation between anxiety and smoking?

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I had panic attacks during smoking weed back in my day. That's kind of when they started. I didnt know I was having panic during... I thought it was just a bad high... and it was.

But! My Dr. said even if I NEVER smoked weed.. it was probably just a matter of time before I got a panic attack, regardless.

Smoking prob. just helped induce it.
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Marijuana has never been found to cause anxiety problems, and researchers have been trying to find reasons to keep it illegal for years.  However, it does intensify whatever you're feeling, so if you're anxious or developing an anxiety problem, marijuana will bring it out.  The solution is to stop smoking, but the marijuana isn't the cause of the problem, just a catalyst in discovering the problem.
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Paxiled nailed it.

I'll have to add that weed doesn't always intensify feelings. Sometimes yes- sometimes no. Still nailed though.
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Hello there,

I don't know if you are interested in why anxiety and cannabis can happen i studied both GABA ( and cannabinoid receptors and i found a strong link between cannabis and anxiety.

Cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB 1) receptors are thought to be the most widely  expressed  G­ protein coupled receptors in the brain. This is due to endocannabinoid ­mediated  depolarization ­ induced suppression of inhibition , a very common form of short ­term  plasticity  in which the  depolarization of a single neuron induces a reduction in GABA ­mediated neurotransmission. Endocannabinoids released from the depolarized neuron bind to CB 1 receptors in the pre ­synaptic neuron and cause a reduction in GABA release.

And if for example you are taking an anti-anxiety med like those in the family of the benzodiazepines like Bromazepam, Xanax, Ativan etc. They are acting by affecting the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid. The anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) their effects are produced by the allosteric modification of a specific kind of neurotransmitter receptor, the GABAA receptor, which INCREASES the conductance of this inhibitory.

SO basically cannabis decreases and anti-anxiety meds increases. And i beleive this is why weed can cause you to have panic attack and anxiety if you are prone to anxiety.

Best regards
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Smoking doesn't cost anxiety or panic attacks. You think about it to much the rest of your brain chemicals builds up to the mid brain to cost it to fuel your anxeity/panic attacks. You just need to relax and tell yourself it's not real. your freaking out for no reason is why your scared.
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I have never been an anxious person in my 18 years but i smoked Kronic (a legal synthetic cannabis). It pretty much gave me what's known as health anxiety where i believed something was really wrong with me. i had never really felt this before taking the weed, surely there is a link?! Luckily im nearly back to normal 4 long months later after some  much needed therapy :)
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It totally does for me, I smoked it every day for like 6 years and was fine, but then it started to make me super anxious, I overanalyzed everything I was doing or saying, and how people perceived me, even when I'm alone when I'm stoned I freak right out about stuff I normally wouldint, and this never used to happen before when I smoked, but it gradually got worse so I stopped. A large percent of my friends still smoke pot and weed is royalty the opposite for them, so I think it all depends on the person really, I still think weed is a wonderful thing, unfortunatly I had my time with it though lol
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Funkyfrsh, what happened to you happened to me, the exact same thing. Except I smoked for maybe 2 years regularly. I started to notice it made me feel really weird. It turned me into the complete opposite of who i was. It didn't make me "chill", it made me overanalize everything...everything I said, everything I did, everything someone else said, everything someone did...even people on TV, I would think my friends were out to get me, and I thought other really terrible things. It was bad...I eventually went to the Dr because i started to be like that even when I wasn't high. So I got on Paxil and I was fixed, mostly I guess. I tried to smoke every now and then just to see if I could without freaking out...I can't. No weed for me...
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I believe it depends on the individual. I know people who been smoking for years an years and nothing like anxiety or panic attacks never effect them. But I can say for myself, it defenetly was the trigger for my anxiety. I was a cool cat 4 years ago. Nothing could get me down, full of joy and love for people, always cracking jokes and having fun or partying. Until that day I was out with the boys on the beach, smoking weed like there was no tomorrow, I remember it like it was yesterday, that last pull was that last pull of weed I ever took. Went str8 to ER couldn't feel my hands heart was beating at a rediculos rate, felt like I was going to pass out, room looked like it was closing in on me felt like I was going to die. And that was my first panic attack. Since then I was never the same, anxiety off an on, sometimes it's manageable sometimes its not.
So all those who believe weed is cool and can't induce a panic attack or anxiety..................

Good luck
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