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Social Anxiety BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have EXTREME social anxiety.......just going to the grocery store makes me go crazy in my head and get super nervous! I am perscribed to Seroguil and Clozopan. I have been self-medicating now for a long time. (with pain pills and xanax bars) I am in the process of withdrawling form them once and for all. I want to learn how to deal with people and everyday life situations without getting really high anxiety that can lead to panic attacks! My Dad has always had this problem...he won't admit it....could I have gotten it from him?? He is also an alcoholic! Duh! I know where I got that! SUX! I don't want this for my son...he will be 2 in March. I want better for his life and mental functioning later in life. In the mean time....any advice on how to help ME????!!!!!! FRUSTRATED!!! What is YOUR miracle solution or pill that is legally perscribed and taken normally from your Dr. so I can mention it to my Dr. THANKS!
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No miracle solution. Just a big dose of reality! You need to come off the xanax very slowly. See site benzo.uk.org for a tapper schedule. Just know you need to come off very, very slowly, or you can cause more harm than good. Don't drink alcohol with the benzo, I know everybody says that. But from personal experience I can tell you your'e playing with death. Alcohol mixed with the opiates can stop your'e breathing. A great deal of your anxiety is coming from the xanax use.

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I absolutely agree with everything abby said...And another thing i would add is that i was reading up the other day and in some people Xanax can actually increase anxiety symptoms as opposed to suppressing them...Also, I know a thing or two about self medicating lol...Alcohol will definitely help your symptoms because anxiety itself is an increase in nervous system activity, and alcohol is a nervous system depressant..But the problem is, it is a TEMPORARY/ADDICTING fix, much like pills...even the prescription drugs aren't meant to be a cure, just assistance when symptoms are unbearable until you overcome your anxiety issue through therapy...
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