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Social Anxiety: Tapering off Lexapro/Starting Wellbutrin XL

History: I have Social Anxiety and Depression. I took Lexapro 10mg. for about 1 1/2 years, but am now tapering off due to gaining 15-20 lbs. and loss of libido (Lexapro worked wonders for both Anxiety and Depression). I started Wellbutrin XL 150mg. with the Lexapro a few months ago to help counteract these side effects, but didn't have success. Now my Dr. wants me to taper off the Lexapro completely (2 more days of 5mg.) and try keeping the Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. My main concern is my anxiety returning since Wellbutrin has not technically been approved for Social Anxiety, but I'm willing to try it due to the weight gain. Lexapro withdrawal has been minimal: sleepiness (same as with the Lexapro) and minor nausea. When I first stared Wellbutrin I had severe panic for a about a week and then it went away.

Question: Has anyone switched from Lexapro (or like SSRI) to Wellbutrin XL for Anxiety or more specifically, Social Anxiety? If so, what were the results? My Dr. wants me to try Effexor if this doesn't work, but I'm not excited about the reported side effects. If I gain any more weight I'll be even more depressed. Also, my Dr. won't give me Benzos since they're potentially addicitive. I tried Xanax in the past and it worked so well! Sigh...

Thanks for any help!
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I have social anxiety as well and was just put on Celexa which is very similar to Lexapro. I was on Paxil and THAT CAUSES MAJOR WEIGHT GAIN. I am miserable about this. DONT GET ON PAXIL WHATEVER YOU DO. I have been on Wellbutrin and it helped a lot with energy, althought my Dr. said it wasn't the best for anxiety. Let me know.
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