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Social Anxiety! help!

so this might be  a long one, im 16 and a junior in high school, and me and my mom think i might have a social anxiety disorder, its really hard to explain but ill try, every single year at the beginning of the school year since 7th grade, i sill freak out,my biggest fear is throwing up at school/in public! i wont eat for days to weeks at a time,i sit in the back of the rooms in my class by the door in case i need to run to the bathroom i have up to 32 panic attacks a day and im getting weaker and weaker each year, i might eat on Saturdays but if i have to get in a car to go someone where i wont eat or at a friends house, and I AM NOT ANOREXIC, i love food sooooo much but im just to scared to eat it at school,before it or after it, just yesterday was the second day of school and i have gym class, i walked for not even 5 minutes and had to sit down cause the room turned black and started spinning, also i got in an argument with one of my teachers because everyone was playing this strange game of remembering names and i couldn't just stand up and play to cause everyone was staring at me and i had a panic attack, no one ever sees me having one because i dont want to embarrass myself so its not like i flip a **** in class, but i am freaking out ALOT! some people think its emetophobia but i need to know what  meds are out there to take for this awful experience thats been going on for 4 years now, it is stopping me from learning information at school because i am just so drained and please, if you reply please DO NOT talk about throwing up or telling me i could throw up from not eating that will make me SOOO much  worse. Thank you.
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Hey, well it sounds very much like you have severe anxiety disorders which are treatable, so thats the good news.  There are a few avenues you can take to ease this, the first is getting yourself into therapy, maybe something called CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) would be the best kind for you.... google and both you n your mum should have a read.  Plus i would recommend going to your doc asap and letting him/her know how much your suffering, they may try you on a SSRI anti-depressant.  SSRI's are very good not only for depression but for social phobia, panic attacks, general anxiety and OCD as well as several other anxiety disorders.  Depending on the person they can take anything from a couple of weeks to a month or so to take full effect but for most people once they have settled into the system a big improvement is seen.  Im sure the doctor will choose a suitable SSRI for you seeing as you are still young.

The other direction you could go in is to start a more natural regime, something like St.Johns Wort, 5-HTP or Valerian, Passion flower for example, all these will help panic attacks and anxiety.  So if you and mum decide this is a better way for you it is best to go see a herbalist...... something to remember though, NEVER take St.Johns Wort or 5-HTP with a SSRI or any other chemical anti-d as it could cause a serious reaction called serotoin syndrome which can be fatal, so be clear about what you want to do.

Which ever way to go please do get yourself into therapy and also think about starting some relaxation exercise class or buy some meditation/relaxation cd's to help you relax yourself.  Download them onto a MP3 or ipod and listen to them on your way to school or in breaks to help keep your anxiety to a minimum.

Also cut out caffine from your diet, stop drinking cola drinks or other drinks such a Lucozade or red bull, tes or coffee, as caffine will make you far more on edge and make your anxiety worse and try not to eat too many sugary foods as the sugar high is always followed by the sugar low which will make you more anxious.  You need therapy as the big gaps in beween food is NOT good for your body and could be causing anxiety as long periods without food can cause the body severe stress and ill heath, the body needs a regular and balanced diet to function properly.  

Last point is make sure your PC doc or GP gives you a thorough check over and sends you for blood tests just to make sure nothing else is going on physically.  This will ease everyones mind that the right approach to your illness is going ahead and nothing is being missed.  

Good luck and hope you start feeling better soon.
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P.s also maybe you and mum should think about approaching the school to inform your head of yr about your problems so things like speaking in public and fear of, can be better understood by your teachers instead of them getting annoyed with you and making you more anxious.  You will be surprised by how understanding people will be if only you let them know what is going on.
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