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Social Anxiety

I have the worst case of social anxiety it is not even funny.  I sweat uncontrollably when I am in social events and not comfortable.  I feel so stupid and the more I think about it at the time it happens, the sweatier I get.  I HATE IT!
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try to distract your mind when in social situations. get into conversations and try to to think about how uncomfortable you feel. i know that this is MUCH easier said than done, but with practise it will come. just dont let the anxiety stop you from engaging in social activity, or it will get worse. dont let the anxiety win, just accept the fact that you will be anxious, and continue your normal routine. it will get better.
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Practice going to a "special place" in your mind when you are home and things are quiet...then go to that place in your mind when you are out and about.  i used to get terrible anxiety when out in department stores.  I would go to my calm place in my head and it did help a little...also practice deep breathing...it should also help.  I KNOW....IT SUCKS!!!!
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For a period of time in my life, I became reclusive. Trying to get back in the "loop" was...very hard (uncomfortable).
This is what I did and may not work for you but it did me: I began paying attention to my body posture.
I was trying to get my body relaxed and cross people as being relaxed. Initially, I had to constantly think about this and force my body to "relax."
After having done this repeatedly and for some time, found that I didn't have to think about it anymore...and being comfortable in the company of others, became "natural."

Rather a reverse approach, body first and mind eventually followed suit.
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I had a lot of social anxiety too and started taking Propranolol as a migraine preventative and to control PVC's (skipped heartbeats). I noticed that I felt much calmer and the social anxiety went away as an added benefit. When I read up on the drug I saw that it is also prescribed for stage fright. Now I can talk to people without getting so nervous, it's wonderful.
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ask ur doctor about a surgery that gets rid of the excessive sweating from anxiety. its called ETS (endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy.)
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You don't sweat alone! I have social phobia and anxiety ... sometimes it can reach the dark hill of panic attack. However, that's not the only thing. I am suspicious of people and their motives and actions - sometimes I know they have noticed me, they are watching at me, mocking at me or even planning to harm me. Do you have such thoughts?
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