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Social Anxiety

I have a question about social anxiety accompanied with phobia. I am a mother of 5 and I have had social anxiety since I was young. I am now 45. I bagan to drink and use drugs at an early age, to help bring comfort when I was around people. I had it pretty well managed, by making myself get out. I have had counseling in the past, but I never discussed this with the counsler, because I really didn't think it was a major problem for me.
My 2nd son is turning 16 next month. He has been struggling with MAJOR social anxiety for about 6 years. I figured he would eventually out grow it, but it has only gotten worse over the years. He has a very hard time walking into a room with other people, besides his family. He looks down, he doesn't have eye contact with others. He almost seems like he is shamed of who he is. He is a kind, gentle and thoughtful young man. He is also extremely bright. He is off the charts on all IQ tests. He has already finished high school at the age of 15.
He seems like a old man, in his personality. He is easily frustrated with the little children in our home.
I would love to hear some answers on this.
Thank you,
inspiredmom of 5
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I was dianosed with social anxiety at age 25 but looking back at my life I realized I was suffering as a teenager. It took having a nervous breakdown at age 25 to finally get help for my social anxiety, Panic attacks, and depression. I think your son needs to be evaulated ASAP because if left untreated he wiill never learn to deal with his social anxiety which will then cause him to be depressed or worse. Today I am 33 and I finally feel like I have control of my life.....

A little about me..
I am married with 3 girls ages 16, 5, & 2.
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I too feel your son should see a physician - perhaps a medical person with experience in anxiety disorders.  He probably will require medication to help ease his fears but I might suggest CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy which can work wonders for those wishing to learn how to manage one's fears/anxieties.  I wish you and your son the best ...
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I don't have any answers other than get your son to a doctor have him evaluated. He is only 16 he should be having the time of his life. Maybe he just needs some kid friendly meds to get him out of his lull.
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