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Social anxiety and propranolol

Hello, I'm a 21 year-old male who suffers from social anxiety. So, basically I've started taking propranolol from Octomber until now for preventing physical symptoms like flushing,palpitations,tremor,trembling voice .I've experienced some serious side effects like tiredness,dizziness,excessive sweating, brain fog and even depression in some degree. Also, I've gained 4 kilos since starting it. I tried to replace propranolol with nebivolol but it caused me extreme palpitations and even panic attacks in stressful social situations.

As for atenolol, although it didn't cause me severe side effects, it did not work in the same extent as propranolol.In addition it raised my blood pressure.
I've tried herbs like ashwagandha,rhodiola, gotu kola to help me cope with social anxiety and had positive results.I behaved with confidence and started to become a talkative person. Also,I'm planning to try other herbs like bacopa,st john's wort and ginseng.
So, my questions are:Could you give me some advice in tappering off propranolol?
What beta blocker would be a better solution(less side effects like depression,weight gain)?How can I lose the weight I gained, because it makes me feel bad about myself.Is it water retention or fat?
Would supplements like oxyelitepro help?
Is there any alternative solution to control physical symptoms or I have to keep on taking propranolol?
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I would recommend working with your Dr on a tapering plan. If you only take this medication occasionally you probably will not even need to taper. Only your Dr can say for sure.
Be careful about herbs. There are some that should not be taken together.
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