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Social anxiety and sweating. Help!

In the past I never sweat very much. But, two years ago, I developed this weird relationship between social phobia and sweating. The scenario often goes like this:

1. A person approaches me and starts talking
2. I think "Uh oh, I'm locked into a conversation. I hope I'm not sweating."
3. I start feeling a little flushed in the face.
4. I think "I'm sweating!" and of course I start sweating more.

So, the more I worry about sweating in front of people, the more I sweat. It's kind of amazing how it works on cue. Normally, I'd have to play 30 minutes of basketball to break a sweat. But, thanks to this bizarre social phobia, now I can sweat in a matter of seconds.The worst part is that I sweat along my forehead, so it's noticeable. I'd prefer that the perspiration was centralized on my armpits, or my back, or even my hands. But, nope, it has to be my face; the most noticeable part of me. I can help but think that people are taking note of my sweating, and that they're weirded out by it.

I'm generally OK in places that are dark (like bars or concert venues), because it would be harder for the person to see sweat. So, in these places, I feel more relaxed and I stay pretty dry. But I do pretty bad when I think that my sweat would be very noticeable. For instance, I HATE sitting in a dining booth where theres a lamp hanging over the table. I think about how the light would make my sweat noticeable.

I guess that, at its core, I'm overly concerned about seeming weak, awkward, or just plain crazy. The sweating thing just kills me; when I'm not sweating I can be pretty good in conversations, and I love making people laugh. So I hate thinking that I'm missing out on a lot of stuff just because of this ridiculous obstacle. Does anyone have a similar problem? And are there any suggestions about how to deal with it?
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I believe that you need to talk to the doctor about the underlying problem of anxiety, if you haven't already. Have you ever tried medication for anxiety?   I'm so sorry that it is making you feel so uncomfortable making the necessary rounds to the bank and clinics and affecting your self confidence at work.  I know i've heard of botox being a cure for facial sweat, and of course, the foods you eat (m husband would sweat profusely while and after eating garlic). I don't think that anyone with any good sense would judge a person, but I feel for you. I remember that my husband used to turn red all the time when i first got to know him, but after he became used to me, it stopped. Maybe it was only with woman:? I don't know, but I haven't seen it happen for years  But, i know that the anxiety stepped from meeting woman. And , he got over it with immersing himself with a woman.  That's why i think you need to talk to a psychologist & psychiatrist about treatment, perhaps a group therapy situation centered around your social phobia.   Here's to hoping that you find a cure, please don't feel too bad, i don't think this is something that people would judge you harshly about. We all have insecurities.  My husband showing his vulnerability by getting red faced was one of the primary reasons that I was attracted to him. You'd be surprised how much of a positive  impact certain vulnerabilities have on people. God Bless you. Hope this helped. Make some friends on here so you can talk to them personally, if you'd like. This is probably going to take some time to straighten out , might as well have some pals. Hugs. Liz
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You're situation is exactly the same as mine. I have been having this happen to me for the last 2 years. Many times ive had to excuse myself from certain scenarios so as to compose myself and stop the sweating.

The most embarrassing situation occurred when I was getting a haircut. I had an anxiety attack while I was in the chair. The poor girl cutting my hair didn't know what was happening, and of course I must have been looking terribly uncomfortable sitting there. I was drenched in sweat. It was so bad. She must have thought I was crazy.

It as had a huge impact on my life. I finally decided to see a doctor who diagnosed me with anxiety. He put me on Lexapro, and I'm happy to say that it has helped me a great deal. I still get anxious at times, but I'm much better with dealing with it. Getting my hair cut still raises my anxiety levels, I always think what if it happens again.

Thank you for sharing your story. It made me feel like I'm not the only one going through this. My advice to you is to see your doctor. Breathing techniques can also help with lowering the anxiety.

Stay strong!

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I had problem of over sweating during to talk girls,
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