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Some strange side effects of anxiety

This sounds really odd, but ever since I developed anxiety I've become really paranoid and superstitious, and I worry about alot of things I didnt use to. I think I did alot of introspective thinking while the anxiety was at its worst, and I thought about how lucky I was that I hadnt been hurt in all these dangerous situations I used to put myself in. Now, when I'm out and about I think of all these freak accidents I could get into, or worry overmuch about becoming crippled or losing a limb or something. I get this weird sense all the time that I've been taking my health for granted, and if I dont think and worry about it now as much as i do, something bad will happen to me. Thats where the superstitious thing comes into it. Saying this out loud sounds a little like OCD =( What do you think?
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This is not uncommon with us anxiety sufferers. I think the superstitious things your doing or saying are a way of protecting yourself or keeping your anxiety under control.
Have you thought about counseling and maybe meds?
We're here to listen if you want to talk. Take care. Remar
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I agree with Remar that most of what you are experiencing is anxiety-induced, and is a mechanism for your mind to try to keep your anxiety from getting out of hand.  It's a double-edged sword because the anxiety produces more anxiety.  I've experienced this myself.  Medication and therapy have helped.  Are you in therapy, and do you take medication for your anxiety?  Good luck and keep in touch.

Peace and blessings,

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Thanks guys, I think some therapy would be a good idea if it starts to get out of hand. So far it hasnt affected my life to where I avoid situations that are commonly thought to be safe. I'm avoiding taking medication for my anxiety because everytime I get it its less severe than the last time, and I'm afraid of the side effects of all the medication out there >.<  I'm trying to handle it on my own. I'm still finding out the things that trigger it for me, so far its been obvious things like caffeine and alcohol. I'm going to totally avoid those things and see how i feel from there. thanks again =)
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