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So I don't know whats wrong with me lately. I'm a 37 year old male who just recently (10 weeks) ago quit smoking after 17 yrs. For the past couple of weeks I've changed my diet eating healthier than I ever have. I'm not fat but could lose 20 pounds so I started doing some cardio on the treadmill. Lately I've been experiencing a burning sensation on the right side of my face started around my eye socket then my cheek then moving down my right arm and it kinda lingers at my right elbow area. While this is happening I'm feeling dizzy and mobility in my leg(s) and my left hand is a little off. It was scary at first thinking it was stroke or something but within seconds it all goes away and I'm back to normal. This activity happens often throughout the day and has been happening for about a week. Deficiency in my blood? Diebetes? MS? The internet is driving me crazy! Please help
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Have no idea, so only advice is to stay off the internet.  It's only useful after you have a diagnosis, not trolling for symptoms.  If you haven't been exercising regularly, it could just be the body getting used to circulation where there hasn't been much.  If it's true you're just starting up an exercise program where you were sedentary, especially for a smoker, build up more slowly than you would otherwise.
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I have experienced similar symptoms and mine were linked to anxiety and an underlying heart condition. I feel that you should be evaluated by a doctor at your next possible convenience, however, as some of those symptoms are potentially for a more serious condition which needs to be ruled out.
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