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Starting lexapro and clonazepam-NEED HELP, PLEASE!

I currently take 1.5 xanax a day and my psych wants me to switch to klonopin 2mg a day. I'm also supposed to start Lexapro but I'm TERRIFIED of the possible side effects of the switching and starting the lexapro. By the way, I've been taking Xanax for a month and a half now. Please, anybody, who's been through this hell, any input will be greatly appreciated. Is Lexapro going to make my anxiety worse? I also get this really weird weakness in my legs and a swooping feeling in  my stomach and feel like i'm going to faint. Did all kinds of blood tests and all are fine, except that my blood pressure is a little low? Anybody, please, help me, I'm so scared of getting dependent on drugs and of the side effects, it's killing me.
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I have been taking Lexapro 10mg for about 2 weeks now or more. And I take it for anxiety. I will say, the 1st few days after taking it, I got extreme anxiety... but it wore off after taking my klonopin (which im new to. I went from ativan which didnt work anymore, to klonopin, just like that, no weaning off ativan, just switched, NO ISSUES. =) )

Anyways, after taking the lexapro for a few days, those feelings of heightened anxiety left. And there was one week where I felt almost manic happy! Just on top of the world.

But now Im just chilled. But my appetite isnt back yet, I lose appetite with my anxiety.

So I wouldnt worry about switching from xanax to klonopin. You'll like Klonopin. You won't be come dependent if you take it as prescribed. And as you keep follow ups with your Dr. he will (if hes a good Dr.) will eventually wean you down on the klonopin and lexapro when he feels your ready.

But I've never experienced any bad withdrawal from weaning off my Lexapro or Ativan in the past.

Yes, I've taken lexapro in the past, a couple years ago but just for a few months... then weaned myself off with my Dr's permission. I had barley no side effects.

Don't be scared about the drugs... take em to feel better... worry about weaning and stuff after you feel better. =) You will have more of an upbeat attitude about weaning once you are back to your old self. It's all good. =)

Take care!
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Hey its hard to answer these questions.I take 1 mg of Klonopin at night, so that switch I wouldn't worry about , I personally prefer Klonopin to xanax.  Lexapro should not cause more anxiety unless you have a mood disorder like bipolar. I have that and can't take any antidepressants. But if your're not BP than it shouldn't make you more anxious. It can't hurt to try. Maybe you should start the lexapro to try before swithing benzos. Try it and see how you feel. Worst thing is it just make you anxious , just don't take it anymore and you will have xanax or klonopin to help ease that. Don't be worried I have taken all of these meds. Lithium and KLonopin were good for me but I went through all of them first . Hopefully your journey won't be so difficult. Good Luck!
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Hi there -

I was on Xanax 1 mg/day and doc switched me to Klonopin 1 mg/day. So far so good although I feel like the dose of Klonopin is fairly low.

He also wants me to take Lexapro 10 mg but I've done lots of research online and talked to people and almost everyone complained about gaining weight!!  Jeez...I need to lose 20 lb not gain.  My self-esteem is already low from being on the "chunky" side.
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Also, remember Lexapro and other antidepressants take 2-4 weeks to work. And sometimes 6-8 weeks to feel its full benefit. =) So I wouldn't give up too fast.
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Would you say that the side effects you've experienced at the beginning of Lexapro are worth it?  I'm supposed to be taking it for GAD but scared of the sides.....don't need anymore anxiety, weight gain, or headaches.
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THANK YOU, everybody, who answered my post. You guys are a great help. It's nice to not feel completely alone for a change.
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I would say that mild side effects are common and worth ( I use to be able to take meds and was on Lexapro for a while) however mild anxiety is okay but extreme anxiety is not considered a normal side effect and if you have  a panic attack or freak out when you start, stop and call your doctor as that is not normal. You will be able to tell the difference. Extreme anxiety can make  you manic and feel really uncomfortable. But mild side effects are normal.
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For me, whenever I started, stopped or adjusted dosage of an SSRI like Lexapro, my anxiety level did go up temporarily.  It was probably both psychological and physical, however in the long term it helped tremendously.  Klonopin is usually prescribed more long term and it is longer acting benzo....I had a good experience with it.  Just keep an open line of communication open with your doctor.  
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Thank you, everybody, for taking time out of your days to answer my question. Bless you all for being so understanding. You are a GREAT HELP!!!!!
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We seem to have the same problems. I also suffer from health-related anxiety. Was supposed to switch from Xanax 1.5mg a day to Klonopin and still haven't.I know they are both benzos but I thought there must be a taper from one to the other. My doc says I can just switch right away. I was also supposed to start Lexapro today but instead of 10mg I only took 5 mg, I'm so scared of the side effects. I don't have depression, those meds are prescribed for anxiety and panic disorder. I've only had this problem for a month and a half now and I'm scared of getting dependent on the benzos. I'm also scared that starting Lexapro will get me in the ER.
Please, cnote, share any insight. I don't know you but I feel so close to you.
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