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Stomach pain from anxiety?

I took some LSD about a month ago now and had a good time as usual. The next day i woke up ok, abit hungover. Went had some breakfast and helped a friend move house. Later on in the day i started vomiting and then started feeling really anxious. Felt sick and anxious all weekend and couldnt eat anything. Went to work on Monday still feeling abit dodgy. By 11am same feelings came on and i had to go home. I felt very sick in the stomach and very anxious still into the next day. Later that day i went to the doc and he gave me nexium for the stomach and valium for my anxiety. The next day i felt better but still not right. Went to work and played soccer that night and went to work the next day. Started to feel normal again, and felt fine for about two weeks. Went to the ballet with my girlfriend on Friday, a month after taking LSD and the same thing stomach pain and anxiety. This has lasted to today, Monday. Im finding it really hard to eat food and have constant stomach pain and anxiety. Went back to the doc and he gave me more valium for the anxiety but is not concerned about my stomach issue. Got some blood work done today so hopefully this will help. Im not sure if the stomach pain is causing my anxiety or the other way round. Any thoughts or similar problems?  
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Yes, the anxiety would be the leading cause of your stomach issues.  The brain controls the stomach and anxiety controls the brain.  If you get your anxiety under control with Med's your stomach issues will get less noticeable and/or may go away 100%.  also anxiety can cause IBS a stomach condition that is related to stress. Try to drop you level of Anxiety and it will help.  Also go to the drug store and pick up some Probotics they are an over the counter pill that puts billions of good bacteria back into your stomach it really helps as well.. All the best hope you feel better soon.
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Anxiety can cause severe stomach pain. The rx of valium is a little helper, but you might need something stronger such as klonopin. Ask your doc about it. Good luck!
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Woke up this morning with severe pains in the stomach again. Its been 4 days of this now. The Valium only helps a little bit and Nexium doesn't seem to help at all. I don't know why my stomach pain and anxiety went away for 2 weeks after the initial 5 days i had the stomach pain and anxiety from the LSD I'm guessing. Ive taken LSD a few times before when i was younger with no after effects. I seem to be now getting depression as well. The anxiety and stomach pain seem to be constant with no break. This is what happened last time, then it just stopped for two weeks. My food in-take has less than halved and i played soccer last night but found it really hard as i had no energy. Ive been told i need to get a serotonin level check done. Thanks for your reply's, they all help!
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See your Doctor for further advise about the stomach issues. But pretty sure you will find it due to some sort of anxiety disorder.
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Hey all, my stomach problems seem to be gone but the sence of anxiety are still there. Its been 6 weeks since ive taken any drugs and ive quit drinking and smoking for the past 2 weeks since the anxiety has come back. Ive been on a very healthy diet and taking fish oil 2 times a day. Im normally upbeat and organising the next party or gathering but just feel like doing nothing. I think depression is now rolling in. Im considering going on Zoloft or something similar. Any thoughts would help as ive heard nasty stories about alot of meds. Thanks
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