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Stopping xanax

Been using Xanax off and on for sleep.  Doctor prescribed .5 mg a night. Usually took them 5-6 nights a week, would often skip for week at a time.  Been taking them since October of 2015.  Have not taken one for 4 days now, only having a few issues.  A bit nervous when I wake up and a bit sensitive to noise, but feeling better each day.  Is this my withdrawal?
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You'll find out.  You should taper off slowly under the care of a psychiatrist, but a lot of people do find quitting easy.  It's the ones who don't who suffer and we never know which one we're going to be.  One of the dangers of going off benzos cold turkey is it could lead to seizures, so for anyone else reading this, it's just not a good idea.
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Thanks for the  comment. Am on day 6 and for the most part everything seems good.  A bit of insomnia, still hypersensitive to sound and have a bit of brain fog.  I went cold turkey because the first thing I read was the FDA pamphlet that said to taper .5 mg every 3- 4 days, till you get to .5 and then you can stop.

You say I will find out, what does that mean?  
If you have a bad withdrawal, you'll notice.
On day 10, symptoms almost done.  Sensitivity to sound is still here but not as bad, a bit of fog head, that is all.  Even the anxiety has lessened a great deal.  
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