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Strange anxiety problem

So I have health anxiety and generalized anxiety from what the doctor told me but I'm starting to have a phobia towards bugs that I've never had before. Like my best friend has roaches and I'm scared my house is going to get infested. She's been coming over for years and idk why all of sudden I worry so much. And my other good friend had bed bugs but supposedly they're gone. I went over her house for like 10 to 20 minutes and sat on her bed. Now I'm itching like crazy like if bugs were all over me. My anxiety is driving me nuts when I start thinking about bugs I get so itchy and little bumps grow but than go away after a while. Does anyone suffer from this problem my anxiety has me scared of everything. It's like I have OCD now. I'm not scared of spiders just roaches and bed bugs. My anxiety is driving me crazy I'm starting to see things move from the corner of my eyes and I think it's bugs but it's actually just nothing. Never worried about things like this till now.
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Also my brother lend his friend his Nintendo 64 and his friends have roaches like wth!! I'm going nuts people please help me my brother told me when he lend them his playstation that all these roaches started spilling out but luckily he killed them all right away but that happen along time ago. My brother is a pig, he doesn't clean I feel so anxious! Iegitly wanna cry I hate my anxiety I hate it!
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