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Strange throat feeling. Anyone?

26 male. Suffers from anxiety.

Well, the good news is, is that I have NOT had any anxiety for almost 3 months now! Way cool!!! I can't say why, but I've even had some things happen to me physically about a month ago or so, that would normally send me into anxiety... but didnt. I'm very proud of myself. =)

I will say though, the past week maybe.. I've been having this feeling in my throat.. below my adams apple. I can't really pin point it, but it also feels like it could be happening in that part of your throat at the very bottom that kinda caves in a bit?  Right above the color bones? Near the windpipe?

Anywho.. it hasnt been bugging me during the day much at all.. but around 5pm or later I start to feel it. It kinds feels like something is in there? Or something is kinda restricted? But not too bad.

But today for some reason I woke up with it... and it was mild, til tonight, it felt a little worse, and it started to send me into panic mode for a sec... then i just calmed myself down and said "relax... and breath" ... after focusing on breathing for a few seconds, i reminded myself "you CAN breath... this is just a sensation that is manifesting the fear of not being able to breath etc.)... the feeling didnt go away completely, but I did cure my panic about it. =)

I'm fine right now.. but I can still feel it. It just feels restricted some... like someone is slightly choking me? but not? and it doesnt hurt. just feels weird. and it does kinda feel like my breathing is constricted some... but not enough to be concerned. I'm probably thinking way too much about it.

The thing is, is that today I was "very crabby/angry" I went out to the gym and let out some of that emotion.

No anxiety though! Just was a little on the angry/sour side today. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed... lol. And my wife and I have been kinda arguing today... just silly stuff. I was going to vacuum the house but she insisted she did... but she's 6 months pregnant, and I wasnt gonna let her vacuum the entire house. lol. But she insisted... and that kind of turned into a litte SILLY arguement. lol. I let her vacuum... I vacuumed the stairs though. ;) lol.

And I have been stressed out the past week due to some work projects... but NORMAL anxiety... nothing crazy.

So, to conclude this... my question is... do you think this is just anxiety? Can normal stress/emotional tension cause symptoms of anxiety, even though we don't feel like we are having "abnormal anxiety"?

I just took 2 ativan to see if it will help. If so, it's probable anxiety related... and the muscles need to relax or something.

Thanks for reading!
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Correct If the Ativan helped, then it's most likely anxiety.  But you should rule out any medical problems before assuming it is anxiety.  
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Hey cnote! How are you!!?? We haven't seen you around for a long time. Congrats on the baby! That's such wonderful news!
And you sound like you're doing great with just a few very minor moments of anxiety. That is also great news!
As to the odd feeling you are noticing in your throat, put your mind at rest and have the doctor take a quick look see. There are dozens of reasons, all benign, that could be causing that feeling. I often get it just before I get a cold.
Get it looked at so you can enjoy and focus on this happy event in your life rather than let those thoughts we all know about ruin it for you.
And while I think it's very nice and "manly" of you to offer to vacuum the house for your wife, bear in mind she is pregnant, not a shrinking violet! LOL (I will say doing the stairs is probably a good idea, though) As is doing all the shopping, all the cooking, cleaning the bathrooms, the laundry, the windows and drawing her a lovely bath each evening.................well, you wanted to help!
Again, so good to hear from you and I'm sorry you've got this concern, but you know the drill.
Let us know what the doc had to say, OK? And for sure let us know when the baby makes its debut! A little "cnote!" What a concept!
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Like always, thank you so much for your wonderful response. =)

I'm not worried about it enough to want to go see the Dr. about it yet.

I've started doing a 2 or 3 week rule. Instead of rushing to the phone to make a Dr.'s appt. b/c I have a symptom that JUST started... I try to wait 2-3 weeks first.

B/c it USUALLY/ALWAYS goes away. =)

My allergies have been kind of acting up here and there... and my voice get's kinda groopy/tired sounding in the evenings... I don't cough a whole lot.. but I do some.. and theres usually a little phlegm (eww)... everythings starting to kind of bloom here... so, yeah.

Well, I appreciate the feedback! I'll just keep record of the feeling... but at the same time will try not to FOCUS on it TOO much. =)

Have a great weekend!!! Will keep ya up to date.
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Wow! What a great attitude you've developed! Very healthy. You've been working very hard, I can see! Proud of you. And isn't it "funny" how many of our symptoms just disappear if we wait a few days!? Lordy, the money I've spent running to my doctor!

Allergies..............indeed! Tis the season (snortin' and snotinl' and sneezin' myself)

I also wanted to say, cnote, that even though I'm sure you and your wife are totally thrilled about the baby and everything is going well with the pregnancy (aside from the vacuum wars!) that being pregnant can be stressful. Aside from all the physical and emotional changes going on, it's hard to escape the fact that your life is going to undergo a very major change before too long. And while that brings with it a huge amount of joy, lurking around in our minds is the incredible responsibility that comes along with that. It can be scary if we focus too much on that. Just know that it is very, very normal to have those thoughts. There isn't an expectant couple out there who DOESN'T have those terrifying thoughts at times. My husband and I use to look at each other sometimes and say, "What the hell have we done!" Talk about sheer panic!
Not to worry, the panic goes away the instant they hand you that little bundle.
Anyway............don't be a stranger!
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Thank you so much! =) You've just made my day.

Yes, it is a little stressful not knowing what to totally expect. But this will be our 2nd baby. We have a daughter who will be 3 this June. =) So yeah, part of my nerves have been saying "wow! what is TWO gonna be like!!??" haha. But it will be fine. I know it will, and it will be a bundle of joy. Can't wait. =)

Talk to ya soon. If my issue doesnt quit, I'll go to the Dr. But this morning so far so good.

Yesterday/lastnight it was there. I think coughing/sneezing really really hard could possibly have something to do with it? Maybe I've strained something? maybe even in my vocal chord area? Who knows. I'm not even going to start guess or researching. lol. I'm just gonna try my best to ignore it, and let the days go on. =)

Take care! Have a blessed day!
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Hey, just updating you.

Still having that feeling in my throat near my windpipe. I let the anxiety part creep up on me some today... b/c it kind of messed with my sleep lastnight... and I was just kind of scared/nervous this morning when I realized it was still there.... and I let the thoughts take over for a bit.

While I was driving to work I finally said "okay chris, save yourself the anxiety and call the Dr." I called, and instead of me coming in, the nurse said she'd have the Dr. call me.

He called me, and said it's probably one of 2 things. He said it could be allergies, or from me coughing/sneezing too hard sometime last week that could have irritated my throat/windpipe area... and he said anxiety can do this too... But he told me "IT'S ONE OF THOSE 2 THINGS CHRIS... NOTHING ELSE IM SURE" lol. Because he KNOWS I was freakin out thinking it was the WORST. lol.

He said you can have symptoms of anxiety without feeling anxious too. I've never experienced that before.

Anyways, he also said "Stop worrying about it, and it will probably get better faster". lol. But if it get's worse he said I can come see him.

He's such a good Dr. He knows me too very well.

So, I'm gonna try and relax and let this fly. I'm sure it will leave soon. =)
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Hey! Just a brief update! This has to be anxiety/nerves or allergies... b/c my throat tightness has gotten MUCH better today!!! MUCH MUCH better!!! =)

So to all you anxiety worries out there like me, hang in there! Scary symptoms come... but the longer we worry about them, the longer they stay around... but if we recognize them as signs of anxiety, and just accept it, and try our hardest not to WORRY about it.. the symptom will leave faster!!! =)

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What I think happens to me is that I have a mild underlying condition, worsened by my anxiety.
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I also have this tight feeling in my throat and haave suffered from anxiety in the past although i'm not feeling anxious when the tightness happens. I wonder if its reflux disease cuz i have reflux sometimes but not when i'm feeling the tightness. what have you tried that really helped?
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About 15 yrs. ago I experienced the strange feeling in throat. Went on for 2 months. Thought for certain something physically was going on in my throat. So, I ended up in the ER. ER doctor thought for certain it was my thyroid. Sent me to an internal doctor. Ran tests on thyroid. Was not thyroid. Was anxiety. Doctor explained it this way to me. When we are in a panic state, it is either flight or fight. Adrenlin gets to pumping. This can cause tightness in the throat. Doctor put me on a beta blocker. The strange feeling in my throat disappeared.

I am 53. I am bipolar II. Have been for many years. I also have extreme anxiety disorder. Have had that for years as well. I have suffered with my mental issues of being bipolar. But, what I hate the absolute worse is the anxiety. I have taken every psychiatric pill there about is. Then, my doctor put me on valium about 5 yrs. ago. Just 6 months ago he switched me to xanax. I well know these drugs are highly addictive, but I do not abuse. I would rather be addicted to something, than to feel the anxiety that just can take over my entire body and life.

But, like others have suggested it could be something beign with your throat. And best wishes with the new baby.
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I have PTSD and have been having some neurological issues. Blurry vision(been like that 24/7 for almost 11 weeks now), left side numbness, I have your throat issue too that also gets bad in the evening(are you having tingling as well as tightness?), daily migraines, loss of side vision, depth, and color perception(confirmed by a doctor). So it is possible to have an anxiety disorder and have other issues. But since your only symptom is your throat tightness it's probably just your anxiety. I hope you start feeling better!
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Hi cnote. I'm so happy to hear that someone is experiencing the same thing as me plus that someone is an anxiety sufferer as well. I am currently going through the worst anxiety episode ever. Its been almost three months now. I was prescribed ativan which i didn't take because i sorta believe in mentally conquering this disease.  For the past two nights, I've been feeling this strange sensation in my throat on the left side. It's like a tightening feeling that goes away in seconds however it's not a great feeling. I have allergies as well and so I'm thinking that it may be allergies, or anxiety or even an issue with the nerve or whatever. I've gotten that feeling before though, when i wasn't having an anxiety attack, only it would not be so frequent. Besides how strange it feels, it doesn't make me panic that much. I just hope it goes away soon. All the best with the new addition to the family.
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