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Stress and relapse...

Hi All
   Just stumbled onto this site and have read a few posts and would like to add my 2 cents into the mix seeing i have suffered from anxiety for the past 5yrs, have tried alot of many different medications to help with anxiety but as of mid last yr i was referred to my sisters DR about going onto Lexapro seeing all the others gave reactions( Swollen feet bad rashes etc) since being on Lexapro, the constant thought of death,being scared ******** everytime i left my house has slowly gone away Dont get me wrong its always there in the back of my mind but the anxiety thought doesnt last and im back onto the positive thoughts which leads me to my next part which is directly based at my stress Level once my Stress level rises i go back into anxiety mode and start to FREAK out again......

   If theres anyone out there that could suggest ways to calm yourself when this happens i would Love to hear from you thx in advance =)

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First thing I'd do is contact your doctor, you may need an increase in your medication or an anxiety medication along with the Lexapro.  Most of us take both.  When you feel your anxiety starting, distarct your thoughts away from the fear because it's the fear that feeds our anxiety and when we feel it coming on....we get even more scared and this leads to a panic attack.  Deep breathing exercises help, several slow breaths in thru your nose and out of your mouth.  Exercise is good for anxiety.  The most important thing you should try is therapy.  Many of us have a root cause for our anxiety, usually a traumatic event from our past which we never truly dealt with.....and may have even forgotten about.  It comes back demanding to be dealt with in the form of anxiety and/or depression.  A therapist can determine if yours has a root cause, discover what that is....and help you to deal with it and ease your anxiety.  You will learn many coping techniques and how to think in a more positive way when you feel your anxiety rising. I hope this helps!
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Hi Mammo

    Thanks for your reply, im alittle confused now haha i thought that the Lexapro was for the Anxiety? You mentioned both am i doing something wrong with only taking 1 type of medication? My fear is nothing like i have ever felt before and i cant explain it even to myself ive never been scared of anything other than heights lol but i have had a traumatic event when i was young and i tried to mask that with Drugs of the illegal type for most of my life up until 5yrs ago when this issue occured and since then ive never used drugs again, apart from DR prescribed medication, seems im going to have to make an appointment to see a therapist .. more exercise could be helpful i feel also ...

Thanks for your reply =)
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