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Stress and sore throat ?

i havehad a prolonged stress period from March 19 - April 3st has i was stressing myself that i have gotten HIV or Diabetes both turned out to be not true and during tis period i have almost got every symptom from the book ( lump in your throat feel , slight pressure in spots of the body , horrible sleeping and feeling nauseous in the morning and lucky me i have developed two mouth ulcer in my mouth ( 2 in the same spot just on different cheeks) but my pain is this sore throat feeling. During the day I will feel fine but when I come home to start working on my college papers it comes back. So is my sore throat feeling brought on by stress and is there any tips out there for me ?
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Like we have told you, seeking professional help is the way to address anxiety.  Have you done that yet?
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no but i will seek help of im still feeling symptoms next month because I have never been a streeser or having anxiety throught my life until this recent ordeal.
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The sooner you seek help,the better.  The longer you let anxiety fester, the harder it sometimes is to get under control.  It doesn't hurt to make an appointment and get the ball rolling.
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