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Stress anxiety depression

hello everyone can stress /anxiety cause these symptoms ?

Swollen lymph nodes
Groin pain
Oral thrush with white patch on inside of cheeks
Joint pains
Extreme fatigue
Rash on hands n feet
Dizzy / vision blur no mater how hard you try and focus your eyes,
Difficulty swallowing

Is this possible thanks
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Many of the symptoms are familiar to those of us who have an anxiety disorder.

Best to see a doctor and run the list by him/her.
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I read allot about anxiety as i am new to it and im all ways typing my symptoms in the net (never a good thing to do) but 99% of your symptoms can be cauesd bue anxiety
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Thanks for replys guys ,

I hope im gonna be okay.

went too a christmas party last night got dragged there by my girl too get me out the house felt awfull all night and went home before midnight (not like me atall!).
Ive suffered from anxiety in the past but i might of pushed my body into overload because ive been convincing myself i have a terminal illness or disease. Every medical test ive run have come back okay docs have had enough of me i think.  :(
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Yep that is anxiety for you i spent my xmas in the hospital as i leet my anxiety get the better of me allso thinking i have somthing wrong with me docs r sick of me as i have been in hospitel all most 19 times in the last 5 weeks

Keep ya head up you will get on top of this it just takes tine

All the best  
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