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Stress relief?

This may sound stupid but does showering seem to take away the feelings of anxiety/stress? Just seems the case with me obviously it doesn't last very long and its not practical to have a shower for 18 hours a day :P just wondering.  

Every little helps!

I've been feeling slightly better since i found these forums and got it into my head im just stressed etc, but i have an appointment at a headache clinic (neurologists?) soon so will see how it goes!

Hope everyone is getting through the day :)
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Yes, I like the shower too....I think part of the reason is that it is time to be "alone" and no one to bother you...I also think that the feel of the water that is beating on your skin, and head, and hair totally takes over the other feelings of our symptoms...does that make sense???
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Yea considering its my head that feels the worst :P incredibly sensitive! now the worrying starts again haha!  Think it might be time for a psychologist.
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Yes!  I saw one for years...can't afford mine right now (not on my plan anymore and my husband is out of work), but will go back when I can!  it is great to talk to someone face to face who can help you put what you feel into words...I have had some of my best cries at her office, and always left feeling like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders and symptoms subside.  It shows how everything that we feel is stress related..after those good cries, I don't feel any of the anxieties at all...that's what we all need every now and then, a really good cry...not a puny tear or two...but an all out huffing and puffing cry!!!!
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What I love is taking along bath that helps me out relaxes me once I get in I don't even want to get out!! It's a awesome stress reliever.
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anyone got anymore stress relieving tips ?
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I heard to take a 15-20 minute walk twice a day that will help to. I should try that myself.  Read a book that will relax you get mind off of stress.
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vitamin B complex to relief stress with light exercise....it does miracles to me!!!
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YES!!  I find it very relaxing, and just stand there with the hot water one.  Sorta similar to a hot tub, except your standing up.  Very relaxing!
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My stress reliever is to take a long walk and then come home to a warm bubble bath....heaven!
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