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Sudden panic attacks

Over the last few days ive been having sudden panic attacks. My anxiety started about 6 or 7 weeks ago, tonight i had a panic attack that lasted for around an hour. and went to the doctor who did an ECG and this came back normal. Has anyone here had a panic attack lasting this long? It came on suddenly, and would start and stop, over and over again, and I am finding these extremely hard to deal with, it feels like a tightness in my chest and sick in my throat, and an overwealming feeling come over me. Even though I know its anxiety, its still really hard to come to terms that it is. Can anyone help me with some ideas or techniques to combat or at least reduce the simptoms? Many thanks to you all, its great to have somewhere to come to and people that understand.
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Also I started Celexa 20mg 2 weeks ago, can medications bring on forms of anxiety?
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Hi, I understand what you are talking about.  I hadn't had a panic attack in MONTHS, until last week.  They are back with bang, too!!  The first one I ever had, it's been 4 years ago, so I don't remember exactly how long it lasted, but it was like what you talked about.  It started, stopped, started, and stopped so many times, it was unreal.  I have the tightness in my chest first...as the attack progresses, I have chest pain, sick at my stomach, and gasping for air.  I had one this past Thursday night that I had such severe chest pains with, that my chest was sore for SEVERAL days after.  One thing that seems to help me is if I practice my deep breathing exercises daily.  I don't know if the meds could cause the anxiety attacks, but it's definately worth checking into.  Maybe research on the web, or even call your doctor.  I wish you luck as I know exactly what you are going through.  Panic attacks are scary.  
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I was very scared when I had my first few battles with panic attacks.  DO NOT WORRY!!!!
I have been through hell and back with panic attacks.  Yes, they can last over an hour.  I know it seems so long and painful.  I know many ways that I got my panic attacks/anxiety attacks under control.  I have been to the doctor for testing,etc as well.  Do not worry.  If you are interested in some easy tips, write me and I'll through them.  I have been just fine and content for the longest that I have ever been.  

Just a few QUICK tips...not much time today sorry!
-Stay away from stimulants like nicotene and caffine (in a lot of stuff)
-Eat a well balanced diet (processed flour/sugar is not good if too much is eaten)
  Your blood sugar must stay regulated or you will stimulate your anxiety!  Much research
-Exercize regularly
-I had to use meds, even though I hate the idea of it, only short term though.
  This helped to get it under control
-Make a change
  Is your job making you crazy?
  Is your relationship unhealthy?

I battled seperation anxiety and bulimia which makes attacks worse.  So do everything to be physically and mentally sound.  Be healthy.  Don't let your life get too chaotic or you will see hard times with attacks.  

Coping with attacks when they happen...
(mine used to last atleast an hour varying in intensity)

Pop a pill of recommended.  I had to but always took as little as possible.  Don't have to anymore
KNOW you will be fine.  You have lived through it before and many other people experience this
Stay POSITIVE!  As hard as it is, don't let your mind believe that something is wrong with you.
CRY-it helps to relieve the panic I've noticed
Breath in and out, don't hypervenalate
Call or talk to someone you are comfortable with...they'll talk you through it
(Make sure you feel comfortable with acting strange in front of them, make sure they can understand what you are going through)

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Don't feel bad, I also had no clue what was gonig on, i have suffered from panic attacks for only about 3 months and they are hell.. I'm just now getting to the point were i can get through the attacks. I wouldn't start medication till about 2 weeks ago and I wish i would have sooner, it does make a difference (for me anyway) hang in there and just breath, as you can see there are tons of ppl on here that are willing to lend an ear (i'm one of them) I've made a couple great realationship on here. it nice to know that someone knows what your going through...
you'll be in ym prayers...
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Hey thanks for all your comments they have been very helpful, It is definetly nice to hear from others that are going through similar things.

Im going to try some of those coping techniques you listed above Concernedcarrie.
especally the breathing exercises.

I wish you all well.
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my panic attacks last between 1 - 2 hours. its completly normal. it taks a while for my heart to calm down. breathing, and concentration always helps :)
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having someone there to talk you down is often a good way to calm down. even better, someone who's had anxiety or depression problems. they can relate to your symptoms, physical or mental, and sometimes if you get wrapped up enough in conversation, your anxiety goes away without you realizing it.
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