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  Does anybody know of any good and safe supplements that can help with benzodiazepine withdrawl maybe Glutathione, Omega3, Whey Protein, Tart Cherry..  Thank You          Nate()
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I asked Dr. Gould' for his advice on taking magnesium and Omega 3 in the "Ask a Doctor" forum.  He said that the Omega 3 had to be pharmaceutical grade and the magnesium had to be slow-magnesium. So, I researched it, found Slow-magnesium (which is time-released), and picked an Omega-3 that is pharmaceutical grade. (found the ratings of all of the Omega-'s at the Environmental Defense Fund's site. They checked the safety and purity of nearly every brand and rated them. I bought everything at CVS.

It's too soon to see if they're helping me in my xanax weaning, but so far, no problems in taking them. I'm on about Day 4 or 5 on the supplements.

I hope your withdrawal is going ok - I know how much you've been struggling....good luck....hang tough.....you can do it!!!!!!!!!
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Something else that I took when I got off mine was Kava and valerian root they both help to calm me down which in turned helped me sleep.  I still take both of them when.  They both taste bad if you try to make a tea out of them.  I just get them capsule or buy it in bulk at the health food store and make my own capsuals.
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Did you head over to the SA forum yet?  They are wonderful at giving these exact kinds of suggestions.

Try it bud!
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Here is the "Amino Protocol" from the Substance Abuse forum.  I've used this personally to get off opiods.  It's a big help.

Most of this program is from the book END YOUR ADDICTION NOW.. the doctor who wrote it ran a treatment facility in UPstate New york where they gave patients amino acids and vitamin via IV during treatment.. He also counsels patients individually.. All of these things are meant to rebuild activity in the major neuro transmitters.. as addicts our neurotransmitters have been disrupted by our use of drugs.. even stuff like cigarettes and eating alot of sugar can disrupt them.. with drugs however it can be more damaging.. I will list the aminos maily used for addiction, their dosages etc.. everything should be taken on a empty stomach... an hour b4 meals.. Take all of them together with lots of water... I have added stuff as I have done more research on this...

**Please check with your doctor or pharmacist for any interactions with any meds you may be taking.

B- vitamin Complex  100mgs, needed for absorption of aminos, rebuilding of the liver, reducing stress,  If you can get injections from your doctor that is even better.. I would buy the sublingual for best absorption

Multi mineral vitamin high potency formula , just good to take all around, addicts are using lacking many of the right vitamins and minerals, and alot of prescription drugs rob our bodies of nutrients.

5HTP-- this is what tryptophan gets turned into prior to being turned into serotonin in our brains. Serotonin is what is usually depleted if we are depressed and anxious.. Taking this will help with PAWS ( post accute withdrawl syndrome) or eliminate you suffering from them all together      DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE TAKING A SSRI OR TRICYLIC ANTI DEPRESSANT
Dosage-- up to 300mgs a day 3x DAILY ( I take 100mgs 3x per day, start with the lower dose and move up if needed)

L-glutamine--amino acid required for GABA production, that is the relaxing part of our brain.    up to 2000mgs 3x per day.. ( I take 1000 mgs 3x day, again start lower and work up if needed)

L-Taurine-- another "relaxing" amino  up to 1000mgs 3x daily

DLPA-- helps restore the function to the pain receptors working with the enporphins/enkephalins, can also help with pain if you are someone that suffers with some kind of legitamate pain. DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE TAKING A SSRI OR TRICYLIC ANTIDEPRESSANT or if you have DIABETES or HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE
Dose-- up to 2000mgs 3x per day (again you can start lower like 1000mgs 3x daily)

Sam-e-- aids in stress relief, depression,eases pain, and produces antioxidant effect that can improve the health of the liver 200-400mgs per day

Vitamin C-- use Ester c buffered form, detoxifies the system, and lessens cravings for drugs. Supports many body systems. Take 2,000mgs every 3 hours. Start with 1,000mgs and work your way up. Can cause loose stools, body will adjust.

Calcium 1,000mgs at bedtime Magnesium 1,000mgs at bedtime  nourishes the central nervous system and helps control tremors like RLS and other muscle spasms calms and relaxes the body, helps sleep.

If you find yourself really struggling with energy after being on the aminos you can add L-tyrosine to the mix in the early part of the day.. up to 1,500mgs..  This is not usually used in the treatment of pain pill addiction and can over stimulate some people I would say only take it if you are still struggling with energy after starting everything else..

If you find yourself having some anxiety the amino L-theanine is like natural valium.. It has helped me so much I no longer need to take xanax at all for my panic attacks

As far as sleep.. in my early days off of pills I took a sleep blend from GNC with a L-theanine and calcium magnesium liquid everynight and slept like a baby.

I suggest GNC to purchase this stuff they are pretty cheap (some stuff is only 4.99 a bottle)  they were also super helpful and knew alot.. I got a gold card to save some bucks in the future..

After a few months if you are feeling good you can taper the aminos back to once a day... then a few months after that a few times a week.. the best part about taking aminos instead of drugs is you don't have to take them forever to get the benefit.. the FIX the problem not put a band aid on it.

Protein shakes can be of great benefit.. protein is needed for rebuilding of nearly everything in the body.

If you have any questions I am always around.. FLaddict
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I just started taking b-12 tabs before my attack.  I was feeling so good and was impressed. Now I am wondering if this contributed to the heigthend feeling before the attack. Hmmm.
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I'm a little leery of the b-complex myself sometimes.  They tend to give me an energy boost which doesn't seem to help anxiety.
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I agree, B's made me really hyper too which I didn't like. I am a big fan of Valerian, it gets me to sleep and can be taken during the day for relaxation. I am also taking something called "Tranquinol" which is a supplement from a herbal place and it really calms you.
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