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Swallowing Problems....

OK...got past the leg cramos and muscle twitching...now I am having swallowing problems.  SO bad that I failed a Gastric Emptying Test and go to see the Doc about that tomorrow.  COuld anxiety actually cause the muscles in the esophagus to spasm or quit moving normally?  
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the trouble swallowing trouble was actually my first symptom of anxiety. it was so bad that i was affraid to eat anything because i thought i was going to choke on it. the only thing i would eat for the longest time was toast with lots of milk or apple sauce. i know exactly how you feel and i know that it is the worst feeling in the world but hang in there it will get better...
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latley I've been having a similar problem. My esophagus feels tight... like the muscles are tense... and I have post nasal drip too... so I have this GAG reflex sensitivity as well with it.

I have no problem eating... I just will catch myself everynow and then wanting to gag b/c it feels like my throat is swelling... but its not. Its just tensed up or something.

It *****.
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