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Swallowing difficulties for over a year, What should I do?

I am a 21 year old male, have struggled with swallowing since March 2018. Preceding March 2018, I noticed several instances where i was feeling more strain and difficulty while eating. Once with an apple, another time with cereal. Mid-March is when my condition severely deteriorated, where I was struggling to eat regular meals. In the past year my condition worsened up to the point where even liquids where a challenge by September.

The sensation I experience is severe tightness around the top of the neck(Adam's apple area, with a lump like sensation being felt while swallowing. The tightness and discomfort gets worse with greater exertion and throughout the day. I can only intake small quantities at a time. Small drops of liquids or soft foods. Weight loss has been severe, 60kg to 38kg at my lowest.

A multitude of diagnostic test have been attempted, with no cause being revealed Mri's, ultrasounds, endoscopies. manometry, nerve conduction studies, etc. I have even had psych evaluations conducted and have been discharged.

An interesting detail is that I have experienced small relief following my 2 endoscopies, after which I almost felt normal for a period of 2-3 hours and could consume decent sized meals and good intake of fluid.

With no treatment in sight. I am desperate for any help and am open to trying any avenue, could the root of my problem be anxiety? Thank you.
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Sure it can, and if you've had that many tests and nothing has been found it's pretty likely.  There is something called a hyatal hernia (not sure if spelling is correct here), I have one, but that's usually caused by reflux or ulcer or other digestive problem that goes unattended.  Your tests would have shown it.  So, are you feeling anxious?  Do you think anxious thoughts?  Have irrational fears?  Did anything happen to you about the time this started that might have triggered it?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself.  If it appears there are a lot of yes answers to these questions, therapy is the place to start.  Learning some relaxation exercises can be helpful.  Do you engage in exercise?  I'm wondering to see if you have a problem breathing deeply because of this throat problem.  But again, if you've had this many diagnostic tests, if there was something physically there blocking your throat you'd know.  Apparently there isn't.  That kinda leaves the phobia issue.
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