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Switched from Klonopin to Ativan & Vistaril

I have essential tremors and I have been taking Klonopin for a very long time along with Baclofen (for the soreness in my neck muscles). I take 2mg 2x a day of Klonopin and 20mg 2x a day of Baclofen. I also take Prozac 40mg every night. My doctor has been talking about putting me on beta-blockers for my tremors, but he won't do so until I can get my asthma under control (he prescribed Dulera inhaler 2x a day & I also have an Albuterol inhaler). I recently went to see him to get a re-fill on my Klonopin & to see if he would let me try the beta-blockers. At that time he gave me the Dulera to try because he gave me a sample of Advair & it had me shaking and hyped up for 4 hours. It scared me so bad that I called an ER nurse to see if that was normal. She claimed it was. So, anyways he gave me the Dulera & when I was leaving to get my script for Klonopin I noticed that he changed me to Ativan 2mg 2x a day. I asked the nurse about this & the doctor never told me he was going to switch me. Now here a couple of days later, my anxiety level is through the roof & I am shaking horribly. I called the nurse & told her the Ativan was not working at all & my voice was quivering, my tremors are horrible, & my anxiety is horrible. She called back & said the doctor said that Klonopin & Ativan are the same thing. I called back because I know they are not because Klonopin not only acts as an anti-anxiety med, but it helps with "seizures/tremors." That's why I have been taking it so long because it helps with my tremors & anxiety & I am able to function normally. So, she called me back & said she is calling in Vistaril for me & that should help. I've looked Vistaril up & it looks like crap! Any advice???!!!
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You are the patient and the Dr works for you. You know that Klonopin is a med that helps you and he should have never changed things without telling you. I would ask to talk directly to the Dr. If he won't take your call, go to his office. I hope you get everything worked out soon.
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UPDATE.....so I went back to my doctor because the Vistaril made me do nothing but sleep & feel like a zombie. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter...I can't be like that trying to take care of here. So, he put me back on Klonopin. I just told him that Ativan does not work for me, it works for some people, but not me. So, he finally listened! :)
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