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Switching from Lexapro to Celexa! Terrified!

Hi. I was put on Lexapro 10mg for anxiety. Well, my doctor started me with the trial packs. Me being scared of going on the medication split the pills in half and only took 5mg a night. When I went back for my follow up to see how it works, I told my doc what I had done. She said she wanted me to go ahead and move up to the 10mg of Lexapro and wrote me a script. When I go to the pharmacy to pick it up, the give me celexa and tell me that with my insurance company, lexapro has to have a pre-authorization, and that they wouldn't authorize the med until i tried to celexa 1st! So they called my doc and she said it was ok to give me the celexa. I asked the pharmacy how much would it be if I paid for it without the help of my insurance and they said $112 for a 30 day supply!!When I called my doc about the switch, she said that I should be fine because it was the same chemical, just in a different form. And also that since I was only taking 5mg of the Lexapro since August, i would be ok to switch. I just wanted everyone's opinions about this. I am going to take my 1st dose tonight and I am terrified! I was perfectly fine on the Lexapro! I hate those insurance companies!
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My doctor told me that 10mg of celexa was the same as 5mg of Lexapro. I have a prescription for both. When I did research on both, I found that alot of people have had good results with celexa.
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Thanks, that's good to hear!! Which one are you taking?
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I went with the celexa because it has a generic version available. No problems so far.
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