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Switching from Lexapro to Prozac

Hi, I have been on Lexapro 20mg for a number of years now, tried lots of other bits in between but no good.
I am now taking Lyrica with the Lexapro for anxiety.
For the past while on Lexapro it doesnt seem to be working as well anymore and my anxiety and panic attacks are back with a bang and depression a bit also so I discussed with my doctor and they suggested Prozac is really good for anxiety and might work better so today ive cut from 20mg to 10mg Lexapro after been on Lexapro for so long.

So what can I expect?? Will the prozax work better?? Will I feel horrible coming off the Lexapro

Fill me in!!!
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Hi Prozac for me has been great after switching to it from Effexor the only problem I have had with it is the weight gain which after now being on Prozac for 12months is getting to me so going to go and see my doctor and see what he can do.
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I just recently switched from being on Lexapro for eight years to now taking Zoloft.  I had a terrible headache for about three and a half weeks, was dizzy, and nauseaus.  I'm not sure what was from coming off the Lexapro, though, and what was a side effect of the Zoloft.  The good news is that all of those symptoms have now subsided.  
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That is strange you gained weight on Prozac because the Doctor told me yesterday its more common to loose weight which Im hoping for as well as I have put on alot of weight over the past few years which could be connected to Lexapro.
Thats good to hear that Prozax has worked, hopefully it will for me too :)
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Why did you switch from Lexapro after 8 years?? Did you find the same as me that it wasnt working as good anymore
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Yes, Lexapro worked great for so long and then around Christmastime it just stopped working.
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