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Switching from Pristiq to Effexor XR

My doctor switched me yesterday. When I took the pristiq if I missed a pill I would get this weird sensation in my mouth. I'm getting that today which I am guessing is a side effect of getting off of the pristiq. My question is should my doctor have weaned me off of pristiq first before starting me on the Effexor or can I give myself lesser doses of the pristiq until the Effexor gets into my system to help wean me off?
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Hard to say.  Pristiq is a shortened form of Effexor, so they're very similar, much easier to switch between than other drugs -- very much like Lexapro and Celexa.  Still, when my psychiatrist switched me from Lexapro to Celexa she did wean me off the Lexapro first.  Don't know if that helps.
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