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Symptoms ??

This July I started radiation for prostate cancer but had to suspend treatment while I had open heart surgery in August. After 4 weeks I was very depressed and had many anxiety attacks mostly in the mornigs. My question is are sweaty hands and feet a symptom of anxiety disorder? I wake each morning at 3:55 am with sweaty and clamy
hands. This has been going on  for 5 weeks. The doc started me on  Zoloft 100mg but can't stand side effects so will try something different after I taper off. Also will try Xanax for some relief. Thankss for your help.

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oh yea its normal, i have the same thing but i also sweat on my fore head alot. do you sleep with a fan on ?
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Yes, that sounds normal. I have the same thing as well. I hope you can find something to stop this happening!
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