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Symptoms keep me home

I have been seeing a doctor in a Depression Clinic and he diagnosed me with anxiety.  I am on two meds without any relief.  I finally realized that my physical, intestinal, problems are caused by this anxiety and the physical problems aggravate my mental state.  It's like a cycle I don't know how to stop.  I found this forum on the internet and thought I might have some support since I am tired of taking meds and going to doctors.  I am retired and am &%& years old. LOL  Other than the depression/anxiety and IBS, I am healthy.  But I don't leave the house because of how I feel.  I live with my 30-year-old son and he is very good to me, but sometimes gets tired of my complaints.  I can't blame him.  I am very lonely because I don't go out and any friend I did have has either died or got tired of my condition and gave up.
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Welcome to Medhelp. This is a wonderful site and I think you'll get a lot out of it. We're here to support each other and help when we can.
What meds did the Dr put you on? If they're antidepressants these can take awhile to start working. Many Drs prescribe antidepressants to help anxiety, so this is not uncommon.
I'm glad to hear you have your son but maybe once you get your anxiety under control you'll be able to get out and make new friends.
We're here for you.   Remar
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Hi! I'm 32, and I don't leave my home either. No meds here. Suffered now for 13 yrs. Good for you, for getting help. Nobody deserves the misery anxiety brings!
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Hi.  If you have been on your medications for at least 6 weeks and are not getting any relief, then you need to let the doctor know this.  Often the dosage they start us out on is the very lowest and at 6-8 weeks they want to know how we're doing and it is at this point they realize that they either have to up the dosage, or switch medications. I know taking medication gets old, but you have to realize that anxiety is just like any other medical condition requiring medication to control the symptoms.  If you were told you had diabetes, you wouldn't think twice about taking the needed medication, anxiety is no different.  You need to try and get out, the more you do, the better you will feel.  Find things you are passionate about and do them, don't stop living due to anxiety, it just makes it worse. Talk or vent to us all you want, we don't mind.  Try to be more positive around your son and others.  You still have a lot of living to do, don't miss a second of it!  You're fortunate to be healthy and can do this!  It gets us all down, but we have to fight back.  We're happy you found us, and stay with us, I'm sure you have many words of wisdom to share with us! Take care!
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Thank you for your warm welcome.  I appreciate it.  I'm on Buscar and Lexapro, which have been increased.  Just being here has made me feel better.  I'll try to make an effort to get out, but right now my car is being fixed.  When I ransom it, I'll go out, maybe to the library.  Thanks again.
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Hi Katie,  thanks for your message.  I don't know if meds do anything good, except give you side effects.  I am so sorry that you can't get out, you're so young and your whole life is ahead of you.  I agree, nobody deserves anxiety and its problems.  I wish I were close to you.  I would come over and take you for a drive.  That would get us both out.  We can pretend, I pick you up and we can go to Wendy's for lunch, OK????  Good luck and good health.  Take care of yourself during the holidays.  
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Thank you so much for your long, friendly and good advice.  I like to think I am a writer, but you seem to have the gift for saying things clearly and succinctly.  I hate taking medicine and hate going to doctors.  If I could, I would do neither, but I'm stuck.  I'll take a lot of your advice like trying to be more positive.  I have a lot of hobbies, but they're somewhat solitary, like writing stories for children, birding, gardening and art.  I also love to read mysteries.  I'm also interested in history and we have a lot of history around here, being near Philadelphia and Valley Forge.  So maybe I can join one of the historical societies, but I get so down at times and feel like I can move.  Thanks again for your help.
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