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Taking 60 mg Cymbalta. Should it be upped if I still have the jitters some days?

I switched to Cymbalta about a month ago. The transition was hard. I also take clonazepam and gabapentin. The only problem I have left is jitters some mornings, especially. Does anybody know if upping the Cymbalta dose would eliminate those jitters or make them worse. I had them before the Cymbalta. I'm also nervous when I have them.
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Nobody ever can predict how a particular individual will react to a medication.  I would think, though, that one month is still possibly a couple weeks away from you feeling the full effects of how it's going to work for you and often the longer you're on a med the better it works, though it can also change in how you react to it over time and make coming off of it different as well.  But in the end, this is a question for your psychiatrist and you to discuss.  But even your psychiatrist won't be able to tell you how you'll feel.  Only trying that will tell you, and you might have started at a high dose, we don't know.  Give it some time, don't expect anything but you solving the problem through therapy or some other way to cure the problem, and since drugs can only tamp down symptoms, not cure the problem at this point in time, don't expect them to fix every single symptom.    
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I started with 30 mg for a week and upped to 60 mg. No anxiety attacks or depression. Just the jitters soometimes. They put me inside myself and make it difficult to relax. I notice I wake up with them when my sleep is bad. I wake up really happy if I sleep straight through.
Suggestion, then:  have you looked into meditation?  I had way less success than you did with medication.  I found the meditation I had already been practicing, something I do twice a day right after getting up and then before dinner, did help.  You might try it and maybe those jitters will go away.  Exercise might also help.  But it sounds like you are doing a lot better.
At 60 mg. of Cymbalta since mid April. Still get inside my head a bit. Not quite as up as I should be. I had some depression right before I started Cymbalta. Does this look like I need to up to 90 mg. I was on the max dose of celexa. That is why I had to switch and we went with snri. Still have jitters every now and then.
Not sure what you're asking.  If all you have in life is a bit of jitters and a little depression, why are you on medication at all?  Or are you saying you had a bad case of depression and anxiety and the medication has reduced it to just a bit of jitters and a tad of depression, in which case you're probably doing better than most people without any anxiety or depression.  If you're expecting medication to make your life perfect, it's not gonna happen.  Nobody's life is like that.  Everyone has down times, and anxious times.  When it's chronic and interferes with what you're able to do and enjoy in life to a great extent, you go to therapy.  If that doesn't work, you move to medication if you're recommended to do that by your therapist and doctor, and so you see a psychiatrist and try to find medication that helps until you can fix the problem in therapy, if that can happen.  So again, if you're having minimal problem to begin with, medication violates the doctor's oath to first, do no harm.  If you were in bad shape and the med has made you this much better, the rest is probably best left to you rather than constantly looking for more medication.  More info might help get better suggestions here, but ultimately your dosage is between you and your psychiatrist and the limits of what medication can do and safety.  Peace.
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