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Taking Seroquel and fly by plane

Hello, I would like to know if it is safe to fly and be taking medical treatment for a year with Seroquel 300 and Fluoxetine (Prozac). I have to take a plane in a few days and let me know if it is safe to take this treatment ((people taking Seroquel and flew by plane more than 6 hours)

I would also like to know the flight experiences in other patients taking Seroquel.
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It really shouldn't be a problem at all, unless YOU were the one flying the plane.  LOL

It's not like this is a med medication that you are afraid of how it will affect you, you've already been taking it a while.

If you aren't sure, just run it by your doc...he/she may tell you to take your dose at a different time.  Honestly, though, it shouldn't be an issue.
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Thanks for your comment.
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Any others users comments and advices will be welcome.

Please participate to remove my doubts about this issue.

Thanks in advance to everyone,
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Seroquel is sedating, so it will be good for you if you have plane anxiety. You can just sleep through your flight. Dont drink alcohol if they serve it.

And if you feel anxious or anything, just tell the flight attendents ahead of time to keep an eye on you. They have certified first aid knowledge.

(I'm no expert, this is my opinion, but I do take Seroquel and have been on a long car and bus ride, and roller coasters lol)
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