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Taking seroquel for the first time

Before, i was on zoloft and adivan, mostly took the adivan at night for sleeping issues.. But that hasnt worked, i saw my new psych md today and she gave me seroquel, and told me to only take it before bed time. I'll still be taking zoloft but no more adivan.. Has anyone took seroquel? Again, i have panic disorder, low self esteem... and depression sometimes...
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You're stating that you have sleeping issues, and I take it that you have been prescribed Seroquel specifically for this matter. If this is the case, then it is in my opinion not a bad choice, though some would argue there are better(safer) options due to the risk factors involved with the class of drugs to which Seroquel belongs. There are a number of other(*safer*) drugs that are being prescribed for sleeping issues which includes antihistamines such as Atarax/ Hydroxyzine or Phenergan/Promethazine or small doses of tricyclic drugs like Doxepin/Sinequan, Mianserin/Tolvon and many more.

Now, I have taken Seroquel for severe sleeping issues for almost 2 years. It has extreme sedative qualities and works very well in small doses. I'm currently taking 12.5 mg every night. What I like the most about this med is the short half-life(appr. 8 hours) and that it leaves the system quite quickly. Besides from the pleasantly short half-life it is more or less void of any tolerance development to the sedative effect at low doses.

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Have you taken seroquel nightly for 2 years without any tolerance to the sedation? If so, thats fantastic news because I think it is the best med. I have tried for my insomnia. I am on the same dosage as you too so that makes me feel hopeful as I do not want it to stop working!
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