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Talking with anxiety

Does your social anxiety mess you up your talking at times?
i'm a manager at a pizza place and sometimes when i have to take customers orders when they are dining in, i screw up talking. i get nervous and then i stutter or mumble an dthey cant understand

its weird because when im talking to my friends or co workers im fine.

i think i just get nervous and think "ok dont screw up" and then i do..like i play out the converstaion in my head instead of just going with the flow

i tense up and its very aggravating

i need to just start calming down and go with the flow

the thing that i hate is how some of my coworkers and people are just so relaxing and can carry on a conversation and i sit there and am just struggling
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Yes this sh be due to anxiety,, take it easy,, dont worry too much,, practice & things will be fine,, or take some med to reduce & lower the does,, but with doc advice.
make more friends, talk, sing, joke
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You do not need meds, and not any lower dose either, so ignore that advice you were just given.
Accept that you get messed up sometimes and realize that as time goes on you may become more expperienced in social settings and more comfortable.
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