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Tapering off prozac having major side effects

I have been on 20mg of prozac scince may of 2006. 5 weeks ago I decided to taper off taking 20mg and 10mg on alternating days. I was fine until about 3 days ago. now I have uncontrollable crying, a creepy crawling sensation and find my self having a lump in throat and having trouble breathing. I saw a hollistic doctor and he said it is withdrawl symptoms. i was under the impression that prozac isnt that bad especially at such a low dosage. can anyone tell me how long this will last. I want it to get better but it is like i am obbessing about it and it is making it worse. PLEASE HELP
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Hm.  The way I understand it, Prozac and other SSRIs do not have dependency or addiction issues, and wouldn't technically cause withdrawal.

You may want to talk to your doctor about this.  You could be coming off it too quickly or something.  Good luck and let us know what you find out.  It may help somebody in the future.
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I had these same symptoms, and more while taking it and while coming off of it, the withdrawal symptoms lasted for about 1 1/2 months.  I too was taking 20 mg also.  Jen
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so if i just stick with it eventully the symptoms will go away? i am having a hard time and thinking about starting again becuase when i am om it i have no side effects
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SSRIs do have major dependancy issues. I know because I went off Cipramil cold turkey under the instruction of a doctor (who obviously knew nothing). I experianced MAJOR withdrawal symptoms, so dizzy I couldn't walk around, manic episodes of wanting to kill myself at night, depression.

I think you probably came down to quickly, your suppose to go down by maybe a quarter of a tablet each week. Its slow but it turns out better. Everybodys tolerance to withdrawal is different, I dont tolerate it well at all, and you dont sound so good either. I suggest a slow taper, maybe a different doctor for a second oppinion as to what to do.

best of luck
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Well, I wasn't clear when I wrote.  It's not addictive like heroin or hydrocodone or whatever, and so you're not having withdrawal in the strict sense of the word.  I remember this from talking to my doctor years ago.

That doesn't mean there won't be adverse effects if you stop.  Lots of pills are like that.  I'm tapering off Prevacid right now, and supposedly that's one you can just stop cold.  Well, you can't.  Or at least I can't.

But it won't be like someone trying to kick a narcotic addiction where your immune system goes crazy and all that.

I'm not sure you're tapering correctly.  One day you're taking a full dose, the next day half a dose, and then the next day you're back to a full dose.  I don't know how it's supposed to be done, but you shouldn't be taking anyone's advice about it unless they're a doctor.  Typically, tapering is done by reducing the dose slowly over a period of weeks.
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Actually, I am pretty familiar with this, and you are tapering much slower than most people do.....and correctly, I might add.  Prozac has the longest half-life of any of the SSRI's, so it takes the longes to clear your system.  It stays in the bloodstream, and the levels come down very slowly.  Taking a 10 every other day shouldn't be much different than taking, say 15 every day (although, obviously, they don'd make 5's or 15's, so your doc did the next best thing.  Usually, people dont experience the trouble coming off prozac, like they do paxil, effexor, and some of the others.  The timeline, though of 5 weeks since you lowered your dose sounds like it is definitely related....4-6 weeks is when the blood levels would level out.  May I ask why you are stopping the drug?  Some people, like me, need them for life, and will have a recurrance of symptoms if they try to stop.  You might be experiencing a recurrance of anxiety, due to not being on a high enough dose.  If you are adament about going off the prozac, the only options besides switching to another SSRI/SNRI are: Benzos (ativan, xanax, etc to help the anxiety until you get over the hump), therapy, proper diet & exercise (can't stress the importance of the exercise enough--helps tremendously), and determination.  
Most importantly, don't stop the medicine for the wrong reasons.  If you need it, there is no shame in taking it.
PS Stick with your doctor, and let him know how you are feeling....as you can see from previous posts, many doctors are ignorant about SSRI withdrawls, and proper tapering.  It sounds like your doc is hyper-vigilant---definitely NOT a bad thing!!
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Friday I started taking my 20 of prozac again only...i am still crying about once a day...and i have terrible dieriahha.. but i am actually not as anxious anymore...i think right now it is best for me to just stay on the prozac. i think i felt ashamed of it and there were other factors(i want a baby someday and not being on prozac is a must) but if i need it well then i will take it....i will keep everyone updated
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Hi,,, I could almost hear and feel what you were going through when I was reading your comments on getting back on the prozac.  I know, it is like a sigh of relief when you actually start feeling better.  The interim stinks.  Take it from me, I am taking over 150 mg. of prozac and am planning this summer to begin to taper off.  With respect to getting pregnant, listen, I have had awful anxiety for over 10 years.  I can tell you that there is hope.  I wanted to get pregnant again and this amazing pharmacologist held my hand throughout my pregnancy,  You can actually take ZOLOFT while you are pregnant.  Look into it....Have and baby and begin your life!
Good luck!
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I was told to start on 20mg around 18 months ago and did not benifit in the slightest , I saw my doctor after 9 months and he up'd me to 40 mg, still I was having bouts of depression and he put me onto 60 mg and reffered me to anger managemaent, my depression always rears it's ugly head in this manner , the vicious circle thing, you know what I mean , feeling down frustated and then the smallest thing fires me up, i had a spell in hospital with a leg fracture, quite nasty two lots of surgery and ended up wih pul emb's, mix up with the hozy and my surgery had to go thursday till monday without prozac, i turned into an absolute nut by sunday , paranoid angry aggressive real real nasty, i did not know i could be affected in this way by just missing a couple of days without prozac, as anyone else experienced this ,,  Dominic
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my 15 year old daughter has been taking fluxitine a generic name for prozac.  she had been taking it for 1 and 1/2 years.   She developed a heart problem called prolonged qt and was taken to a cardiologost who promptly took her off of it cold turkey to see if the drug was causing the problem.  5 weeks later she had  her ekg retaken and we were told that it was now normal. Although i feel bleesed tat my child does not have a heart problem her behavior has been very defiant, angry even violent. I am so worried. she is not allowed to be on any medication that will prolong the qt and her cardiologist says that the sr inhibitors are prone to o that. Help!
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My husband just went off prozac and depakote cold turkey he has been experiencing major anxiety.  He has been off the drugs for two months by choice.  It was hurting our sex life immensly.  He still has mood swings and bouts of depression however he seems happier to be off the drug. He told me that the only thing he regrets is that he has severe anxiety and wakes up from a tingling sensation that starts in his feet and works its way up his legs.  Does anyone else experience this?  He doesn't want to go back on any meds.  He is resorting to St John's Wort after the drug prozac is completely out of his system.  Any suggestions.  He has been taking vicodin to fall asleep lately.


A concerned wife,
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Hi there,

I feel your pain, my husband like your daughter was prescribed the medication.   I am sure that a lot of love goes a long way.  I have been married to my husband for seven years now and it has not always been easy.

Hang in there, and pray a lot!

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My husband is still feeling the strong tingling sensation in his legs... he has extreme anxiety.  He took melatonin, valerian root nothing helps.  I know you all have experienced similar issues.  As soon as we get on medicaid we will see a doctor.  He has been without work for three months so no insurance.  He has read up on prozac and it seems like it is technically the safest but nobody knows what the long term side effects are and since he went off of this medication cold turkey and he has been on it for seven years we are worried that he now may need to be on paxl or some kind of anti anxiety medication.

Your advice is appreciated,

Concerned wife,

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I would strongly recommend that you contact a psychiatrist or PCP first thing in the morning and seek medical attention.  Cold turkey can be dangerous.  Depokote is a very different medication than the SSRIs. It's a mood stabilizer.  Don't fool around with this stuff.  One of the most difficult aspects of treating patients with bipolar disorder is their inconsistency with med. compliance.  Good luck.  Maybe he doesn't realize how difficult it can be for you to be dealing with this.
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I've just started tapering off prozac.  I've been on 20 mg. for over 10 years!  I'm doing it slowly and after 33 days I'm down to 10 mg.  I'm feeling a bit spacey and can definitely cry easier.  I just want to know what life is like without mind altering chemicals.  I'm trying to exercise everyday and eat well.  Does anyone know or experienced how long this process will take?
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hi hilary ive been on prozac since 2000 and im jst startin to come off it im reducing 1 a week as insructed by my gp i have the tingling sensations and very lite headed but i think my life will be alot better without it.
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Does prozac cause extreme sweating? I have been on 20mg for close to 7 years and want so badly to wean off. I also take Welbutrin, which doesn't cause the loss of libido like prozac. Any suggestions?
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hi mom2sixkids,yes fluoxetine can cause extreme sweating, I have had particularly lovely night sweats ever since I started prozac, and now that I am coming off it they are gradually lessening in frequency and severity!

I ave been on prozac for about 7 years and am tapering off graudualy, from 60mg I am now on about 5mg but ever since 20mg and below I am having real problems, especially this week, I feel totally rubbish, anxious, shaky, with headaches, chills, upset stomach, stomach cramps, crying spells, dizziness, hyper-emotional reponses to everything, random sleeping patterns.I do not understand how it is that I could go from 60 to 40 and 40 to 20 without any problems but as soon as I go below 20 the evil withdrawal effects kick in. I know this is unusual given that prozac has such a long half-life and I am tapering gradually (5mg per 2 weeks to start, now ging to go down by 1mg per 2 weeks (using liquid fluoxetine) until Im off it.

Please can someone tell me how long after stopping toally that the withdrawal effects carry on for.?
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Why would you stop taking Prevacid? I hope you are switching to a different ppi. Once you start taking a ppi you should be on it for life.
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I have seen that there is a ceiling effect of relief of depression by these SSRI drugs and that can take different time from one person to another person and after that there is an dependency period that can last for a very long time until confusion can start in the minds if the persons using these drugs. This is very similar to dependency of narcotics and alcohol in a person. It seems it is an intoxication of a chronic use of a chemical in our brain.
When the serotonin syndrome starts appearing with the chemical drugs we should try to detoxify ourselves from these drugs.
In the use of antidepressants and anti-psychotics, a gradual and a declining reduction of the drug is recommended very much like reduction of Methadone by 2.5 mg every day in Methadone dependency. By such a gradual reduction our brain cannot detect the reduction levels and withdrawal symptoms are prevented.
It is a sudden and abrupt and serious withdrawal symptoms which make the patient continue to keep going back to his dependency on antidepressants or anti-psychotic drugs and other chemical dependencies like nicotine and Alcohol which have a trigger phenomenon with the changing emotions during the days of our lives. Therefore the Nicotine has to be stopped abruptly when its sudden withdrawal does not present life threatening symptoms where as Alcohol withdrawal can have seizure activity in our brain. That is why Alcohol detoxification is usually done in a detoxification unit for three to four days, a time in which most seizures appear in a person.
In summary:
SSRI and anti psychotic addictions has   to be stopped very gradual as Methadone addiction
Narcotic addiction can be managed with Suboxone,
Alcohol addiction need hospital detoxification treatment in selected cases.
Nicotine addiction requires a sudden and abrupt cessation because gradual reduction does not work with addiction to Cigarettes.
All outside dependencies will have a diminishing effect on functions of our brain function especially as we get older. It may be the cause of dementia of the brain or of the Alzheimer’s disease. It may also be the cause of our aging faster than our years of lives.
All these addictions and other abnormal behavior can be modified through spiritual and Cognitive (Reality) therapy.
If a person has known God, he can free himself from most Chemical addictions and abnormal behaviors.
This is what I have found in my experience with dependency illness in a human being.
Ramesh C. Gupta, M.D.
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they are ABSOLUTELY withdrawl symptoms.  I just finished a LONG 9 month process of tapering off prozac and am FINALLY a normal, happy person.  I had to go through hell to get here though.  Read the book- The Antidepression Solution by Joseph Glenmullen, MD.  It totally helped me put together a personal plan.  I also worked with a naturopath, yoga healers, counselors, etc. through this journey.

I was on 40 mg a day for 20 years and had tried to taper off unsuccessfully multiple times.  My depression symptoms came back and I thought it meant I needed to be on this.  Actually, our brains become dependent and produce less and less serotonin on their own, so you have to build that back up.  Google increasing serotonin to find suggestions- for me it was DAILY exercise, fresh air, nature, meditation, finding things that bring me joy, fruits and veggies, sleep, etc...  You have to RETRAIN your brain to product more serotonin.

good luck!!
Thank you for your post - has helped me immensely knowing there is a way.
Me too, I have slowly tapered off Prozac for months, but it seems I have hit some sort of threshold and the -withdrawal-effects seem to be showing, I have high levels of anxiety, low motivation ect. It is a bit overwhelming thinking how long it might take to feel better and like normal, but I really want to try and be rid of these drugs once and for all...
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Hi There, I came off Prozac 20mg per day cold turkey, VERY bad idea, 6 months later i had to go back on it for the sake of my teenager.

I will one day taper down over roughly a nine month period, i'm starting my research now about doing it properly this time. So 2 things i know, the book coming off Prozac is suppose to be good and There is a programme called The Linden Method, by Charles Linden, I haven't got it yet but i will when i've money, check out the youtube messages about how it's helped people. It's for server anxiety but has cured depression too, but in many cases depression is due to excessive anxiety.

I'll be in touch
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Hi I've been on fluoxetine for about 8 months and I came off it cold turkey about a week or so ago. I know you aren't meant to but it was only a dose of 20mg a day and I stopped partly because they weren't doing much for me and I would rather deal with it myself than become in any way dependant and also because I was starting to forget to take them alot.

I don't mean to imply that other people shouldn't be on them or even that there is anything wrong, its just that for me I can't help but disliking myself more for being on them.

Recently I have been sweating profusely and feeling irritable and anxious. I sleep my usual amount but I'm constantly tired. I had thought these might be due to diet issues but I'm not so sure. Is it really that big a deal coming off cold turkey if it was only 20mg and for such a short time?

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I have been on 10mg of prozac for about 4 weeks.  Almost immediately, I experiences wrist, ankle and knee joint pain.  The right knee was the worst and the rhuematologist looked at it, drained a bunch of fluid off of it and said let's see what happens.  I missed my daily 10mg a few days ago so doubled up and today, both knees are totally swollen and it hurts to walk, my left wrist feels like I have carpul tunnel syndrome and my ankles and finger joints are sore.  I have been reading all over the net about this being a sever side effect.  Anyone else experience this?

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my boyfriends doctor wants to wean him off of his antidepressant meds which seemed liked a bad idea to me so i decided to do some research..

so, if we have a chemical imbalance in ours brains (lack of serotonin and such) these antidepressants are prescribed... they work well, right? They help bring the serotonin levels up where they should be... Which is great?! People are happy now? I'm wondering why so many people are deciding to go off these meds... It sounds to me like they are necessary to keeps things stable; am I wrong? if your brain/body isn't producing enough serotonin and you take drugs to fix this,they're only fixing the problem while you're taking these meds... Why not just stay on them and not suffer from withdrawals and possibly have your terrible effects of depression return? Are the side effects of being on these antidepressants that bad?
His doctor lowered his doasage without telling him; he didn't know until he looked at the bottle that he picked up from the pharmacy...  Clearly I'm no doc but the general idea of going off seems bad enough let alone going ahead and lowering his dosage without telling him...
I suggested he switch doctors...
.. opinions? knowledge? please.
Thank you.
There are serotonin receptors in other parts of the body, like bones. I have been on for 24 years, bad arthritis now with no family history of it and no athletics when I was young. I'm going off of it in the hope that it helps. Will be careful to titrate down VERY slowly. Talking g to my doc today.
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Was described with Post Natal Depression 4years ago and since have been on Lexapro 20mg, Effexor 60mg and Cymbalata 60mg.  About 2months ago started coming down off the Cymbalta as was feeling extremely tired all the time and was sleeping up to 16hrs a day not good when you have 2 children.  Mood wasn't feeling much better and felt brain dead all the time.  Since coming off i feel that my brain has def woken up and I'm not as tired but still feeling very anxious and agitated.  I went to a local health shop who put me on 6 evening primrose oil talblets, 100mg of Bcomplex and a tablet call Rhodiola extract up to 3 times a day.  My doc wants to put me on Prozac starting off at 20mgs and then up to 40mgs but am hesitant and would like to give the natural way a go for another few weeks.......... Not sure what to do am also trying to walk every other day
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I have used antidepressants for 10 years am coming off them due to long term damaging side effects. Let me make clear there is no scientific evidence to support the theory of chemical imbalance. This is pure marketing hype and speculation which i for one fell for. In fact there there is more evidence to the contrary that it causese chemical imbalances. Refer doctor Peter Breggins site
Also categorically denying long term damage is irressponsible, as studies that led to the approval of antidepressants rarely run for more than 6 weeks. Look up antidepressants and  tardive dyskensia, Tardive dysphoria which are but a few long term problems.
In light of potential problems and side effects you should know that antidepressants are barely better than placebo the science does not support there effectiveness. refer" Your drug may be your problem". Peter Breggin md and David Cohen phd. For other long term side effects i suggest you read Joseph Glenmullens"Prozac Backlash".
Im am not advocating eveyone stop antidepressants but i am advocating people to separate fact and fiction so they can make a truly informed decision. Pharmaceutical companies will go to extraordinary lengths to promote use of antidepressants such as failing to report negative drug trials. For more on there manipulative methods i recommend you read David Healey mds book "Let them eat prozac: the unhealthy relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and depression".
I simply wish people were fully informed to make there own decision which i was not 10 long years ago. I would not have been stuck on antidepressnts for so long if i had also known of the severe withdrawals they can induce. I was brain washed by doctors into thinking it was the "disease" relapsing. What disease? Can you test for it, can you cure it, no!
When you get well it is thanks to a drug when you get worse its because of your disease. from "Your drug may be your problem". This shows the mentality that kept me and countless others in a vicious cycle of taking more and more drugs on a so called medical experts whim.
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kauai1013 ,

I did the "by-the-book" and slowly tapered off prozac for 7 months. Now that it is completely out of my system for 7 wks now, it has been a very rough month and a half. Panic attacks, crying, end-of-the-world feelings. How long did that last for you once you got off completely?
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I'm 18 and I was on and off (with doctor controlled weening dosages) 40mg of prozac for 4 years and just a few weeks ago I quit cold turkey (I was aware of what I was doing at the time) because I was really pissed off at the time with my dependency and didn't really care what the side affects were. During the time where I was about to quit, more than once, I vainly took 160mg of it at once, but now I'm off of it completely.
I'm experiencing horrible flashes of dizziness whenever I stand where it almost feels like everything is in slow motion for a split second and my head feels like it is almost detached from the quick movements of my body. And also the tingling and twitching in my feet whenever I sleep is still there, and has been ever since I started taking it.

I just want to let anyone know who may stumble across this, that these kind of drugs, even when dispensed properly, messes with you. I'm no doctor, but I can assure you that it can't be good what it is doing to your brain-4 years ago my doctor showed me diagrams of the brain and how it works-it messes with the chemicals in your brain (obviously). But what I'm saying is that given the side affects all mentioned on here, I think it is far more better for you to just work the depression out naturally. I know I sound like a hypocrite, but this is just looking back in retrospect and giving something to think about.
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I had typed a long comment to you but it got deleted somehow. I have been on what they called Librium for over 20 years. The first seventeen I did not take it that much as I stayed home for 17 years with my children. I just quit my job because I started having physical problems and blamed it on my medication as for the last year and a half I have been taking at least 3-4 times a week. I hate taking medication as I have had problems with anti biodics. I am afraid to go cold turkey but I am also afraid to take the valium that the doctor just prescribed for me because it is in the same family as the other drug. I wish there were other things to take that don't hurt you while you are trying to overcome their anxiety.
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I feel for you overcoming addiction is extremely difficult i am still only 45 days prozac free and symptoms are still worsening. Anxiety is my problem but now depression is extremely bad due to withdrawal.
I got addicted to lorazepam and went cold turkey. Went through month of extreme anxiety and aggression, and that was only after 8 months use.
Never go cold turkey you are more likely to fail than not. benzos can definitely  worsen anxiety long term.
It took me a very long time to realise there is no such thing as a free lunch.
You must batton down the hatches and be prepared to weather an awful storm. Friends and family are important, as is sun and exercise, and simply knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel can help. I also found cognitive therapy helpful.
Everyday i question my decision to stop prozac as withdrawal worse than my benzo withdrawal, but i owe it to me to try to live drug free after a not so successful ten years on SSRIs.
Unfortunately in my experience the longer you are exposed to drugs the worse the eventual withdrawal but a slow taper helps.
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I was on SSRI's for 7 years.  The first 3 years Zoloft and the last 4 years I was on Prozac.  I was on 40 mg prozac until August.  Then I tapered to 20 mg for a month.  Then I quit.  This was 2 months ago.  I have been alright most of the time, but about once a month I have a week where I have a hopeless despair  feeling and it is really starting to wear on me.  This is similar to the emotions that I had that prompted me to start taking SSRIs in the first place.  So, this makes me confused.  Is it side effects of coming of the drug or is it depression?  I really don't know.  I don't want to be dependent on drugs, but, man, these mood swings are unbearable.  What should I do?
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I would suggest you look into DoTERRA Essential Oils.  They are helping me get off Prozac in a natural way.   They help with mood elevation, plus all sorts of physical ailments as well as emotional.  Just google the problem and put doterra in the line and things will come up that you can use to help.  It isn't a hoax.  The oils are CPTG which means Certified Pure Therapeautic Grade and the only CPTG oils out there.  They really do work.  I take them in the vitamins, drops in a capsule and topically as well as in water.  I use them in my toothpaste, shampoo, facial products and soap.
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I have a history of bad depression an the doc had me on the fluoxetine for about 2 weeks then I made a mistake of drinking a redbull and I had bad side effects. I went numb from head to toe couldnt move could hardly breath an my nervers were so shot I shook. my legs hurt and now that Im not taking it I have been off it for a week and I get trimmors my hole body feels like its on fire I get musel cramps pains every where still have trouble breathing from time to time get confused and forgetful. I know this cant be normial side effects from comming off the fluozetine and Im afraid to take any other kind of anti depressent for fear of it happning to me with the next one. should I be afraid to take a diffrent one.
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I have the same problem. I'm 30 days off prozac and the dizzy withdrawal symptom is what's killing me. I got on for anxiety not depression. Im only on xanax now but my anxiety is worsening. i don't want to be on anti-depressants anymore (it's been 10 yrs.) and I just want to get through these gnarly withdrawals of dizziness and irritation. I noticed you wrote this over a year ago and I'm wondering what happened for you. Did you make it off anti-depressants? How long did the withdraw take? I know I need to get off the xanax next but I need to get through this first...
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I like yourself went from 20mg to 40 to 60mg then after 3 yrs decided i come of Fluoxetine myself i reduced to 40mg for a week had headaches and a little bit of unsteadiness.
So week 2 reduced to 30mg taking 40mg one day and 20 the next.............following week 20mg then off, I had to return to 20mg every other day for a week because of awful nausea and vomitting.
Head alot clearer now memory improved and concentration good i have returned to work as an RMN i required the treatment at the time and thankful for it but on reflection i went through 3 yrs like a robot. Good luck to you all
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Welbutrin is the sweat culprit.  I've never experienced anything like it, and one of my sons and my oldest daughter had the same thing happen to them.  We just couldn't stand it.  IT IS HORRIBLE.  If you already have anxiety, especially if you are BP, it seems to just makes things much worse.  Remeron (Mirtazepine) has turned out to be the magic anti-depressent for us.  You take it at night because it is sedating, but we BPers need all of the sleep help we can get.  We also take a low dose of Prozac never more than 20mg (in the dreary winter days) and often less, to help.
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Hi.. I really need help with my situation!  I'm 16 and was on 20mg of prozac for 2 years. I had slight dizziness for a few weeks at the start but after that I felt so much less anxious and was happy. 6 weeks ago I noticed that I had bald patches on my head. I saw a doctor and they were panicked and said it was definitely the prozac that caused it, and asked me to start tapering off. In the space of 2-3 weeks, I was off it completely after reducing dosages every week or so. The past 3 weeks have been awful with dizziness and anxiety - because it all happened so fast I didn't stop to think about the withdrawal symptoms that might occur.
So 2 days ago I finally got an appointment at the dermatologist, and he Iimmediately said that it was not the prozac that had caused the hairloss, it was alopecia. So I'm now very annoyed because I have stopped the medication for no reason and am still very dizzy, with gcse's coming up and 2 days till holiday. I decided today that I would start taking 5 mg a day (liquid fluoxetine), with the hope that it may stabilise my depression and dizziness but hopefully not cause more dizziness in itself. Have I made the right choice?? I just want to stop the dizziness before school starts again. Surely taking such a small amount cant make it any worse,  can it?
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Hi everyone! I have recently been able to kick Prozac with the help of some amazing supplements, exercise and eating whole foods. Would love to help anyone interested in trying a different approach to depression, anxiety and also getting off of a antidepressants! Email me - ***@****
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But debaser - you are giving medical advice and you are not a doctor. There are definitely withdrawal symptoms going off any drug like this. Each person reacts differently.
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I was on and off Prozac for more than 10 years and my only apparent side effect was sexual dysfunction. Not a small thing, but compared to the depression, panic attacks, sleeping problems, and anger I experienced without Prozac, I was okay with the dysfunction--for awhile.  Decided to wean off and did it gradually.  I was only on 10mg, but experienced electrical-shock like feelings in my head (brain?) that were very strange.  Years later I found out my depression, anxiety, etc. had nothing to do with my state of mind.  I had Lyme disease coupled with hereditary hemochromatosis (iron overload), both very common diseases that usually go undiagnosed (or are misdiagnosed, in the case of Lyme--I tested negative on the standard tests.).  I learned that anger issues are so prevalent in Lymies that it has been given its own name: Lyme rage.  Moral of this story: It is not always in your head.  
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I was on and off Prozac for more than 10 years and my only apparent side effect was sexual dysfunction. Not a small thing, but compared to the depression, panic attacks, sleeping problems, and anger I experienced without Prozac, I was okay with the dysfunction--for awhile.  Decided to wean off and did it gradually.  I was only on 10mg, but experienced electrical-shock like feelings in my head (brain?) that were very strange.  Years later I found out my depression, anxiety, etc. had nothing to do with my state of mind.  I had Lyme disease coupled with hereditary hemochromatosis (iron overload), both very common diseases that usually go undiagnosed (or are misdiagnosed, in the case of Lyme--I tested negative on the standard tests.).  I learned that anger issues are so prevalent in Lymies that it has been given its own name: Lyme rage.  Moral of this story: It is not always in your head.  
Exactly. I was diagnosed with ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. After years of meds and therapy not doing a thing, I found out I had a protein deficiency causing my symptoms. My levels were that of someone in their 80's and I'm in my 20's. Increasing my protein improved my concentration and stabelized my mood.
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I tapered off 40mg over 4 months, as advised.  Now, 4 months along the line, I'm getting anxiety attacks, am paranoid and have moments of hopelessness.  I am doing all my CBT activities to turn this around, but I never expected this.  I should be really happy as, at last, my husband has retired and we are now able to do more together, but I'm putting a blight on this....am really angry at times.  I'm now changing my diet as well as mind exercises and trust this will get me through.
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Hi! tell your husband to go to a Book store and buy a couple of books from "Dr. Claire Weekes" Hope and help for your Nerves" and Peace from nervous suffering" these books help me a lot. She was a great Dr. also when I suffer from  Agoraphobia in the 80" I bought her Book "Simple ,effective treatment of Agoraphobia" today they only have a tape for this one. All of this will help your anxiety,panic attacks, depression, feelings of fear, you have to have discipline and Faith. Everything has a cure, put your mind to it,( except Agoraphobia) I been  doing great because I apply all I learned from my book. I loved and I admired Dr. Weekes all these years, I hope this can help you! Lady1351
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Hi! Linda 175, in the 80's I didn't know what I had I stay at home for a few months, until I was watching a show from Gary Collins that I watch once in a while and a doctor started to talk to a woman and ask her what are your symptoms and she said I feel anxiety I feel like I'm going to faint and have a panic attack so many different feelings, I am afraid to leave my house, and so on.... at that time I was surprise and I scream and I said that's me there's people like me with the same feelings so the doctor told her you are going to be OK! what you need to do is tell your husband to take you to a book store and buy a book by Dr,Claire Weekes name "Simple, effective treatment of Agoraphobia". So when my husband got home I told him we need to go to a book store and buy this book, so I did. before I went .to 2 or 3 doctors and they didn't know what I had, so I read my book and a few weeks I was feeling better  , this Phobia doesn't have a cure buy it does have a treatment and you just have to do it, it will help you or anybody with depression, anxiety, fears, panic attacks. I understand that they don't have this book but they have a tape, also Dr. Weekes has" Hope and help for your Nerves" and Peace from nervous suffering" I hope this can help you. I wish you well. Lady 1351
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There are serotonin receptors in other parts of the body, like bones. I have been on for 24 years, bad arthritis now with no family history of it and no athletics when I was young. I'm going off of it in the hope that it helps. Will be careful to titrate down VERY slowly. Talking g to my doc today.
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