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Tension in chest feeling

I'm 20 years old pretty fit . I've had bad health anxiety for about 2 years now and most of it centers around my heart I've had multiple Ekgs,blood test and doctor listened to my hearts and everything checked out from that. But hear lately I've been getting this tension like feeling in the middle of my chest but I does go away if im busy or just stop thinking about it consciously and also my anxiety is pretty high after working out.. Anyone every experience these Anxiety symptoms before?? Need piece of mind!!
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Also I am a male
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Hi bro im 25 and i also get some kind of pain in the chest that comes and goes and i feels bad and sometimes some spasms around but yeah ive also had ekgs,thyroid tests,heart sonogram,ct scan of brain and chest,holter monitor,x-rays,and urine tests and nada comes back and i still get tightness in chest and throat and numbness in hands and arms and chest pains at the center and to the sides it ***** but ive been like this for almost 4 months idk ....youve had it for 2 years how have u managed to control it?
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I really just pushed myself into working out building up slowly each week. And its mainly sometimes you have to keep telling yourself that you are okay everything has checked out I'm okay. I have good days and bad days more bad than good to be honest but I do also find that taking walks whenever I'm feel really anxious helps and whenever my neck or throat feels tighten which is almost everyday I do some deep breathing in through the nose out through the mouth until I'm relaxed
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What all chest symptoms have you had also?
I tend to get chest pain while driving sometimes its at the very center sometimes it will be to the sides and the tightness as well up to the throat and neck
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Are you getting enough magnesium and potassium...staying hydrated?

Blood work to check Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 to check for deficiencies.
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Does your sternum hurt when you push on it? Could be costocondritis (sp) from bench press/other chest lifting.

If not anxiety and chest pain go hand and hand. It's good you went to the doctor all shows you're healthy!
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Hi there.  Well, I'm sorry you are having chest pain.  That can be scary even when it has nothing to do with your heart!  I'm really glad that you've seen doctors and they've ruled out any heart related issues that they can detect.  That's great news!  I know that there was a period of time in which I was worried about my own heart---  and I felt all sorts of heaviness, racing heartbeat, tinges of pain, etc.  It was anxiety---  when I was totally distracted or busy, I never had the pains or sensations.  And a physical let me know that things were fine.  One thing I did to help with anxiety is I started to think of heart health and what I could do to help ensure it.  I started to look at exercise as a must do not only to 'look good' but also to exercise the heart muscle.  So, at least 30 minutes of some kind of cardio 5 times a week.  I also made sure to rethink my diet.  I cut out a lot of things linked to heart disease and try to maintain a healthy weight.  Once I've worked on those things, I feel more comfortable that a twinge here and there is normal and  not related to a future impending coronary event!  

Anxiety can make things so difficult.  If you've ruled out heart issues via a medical professional, then I would think of what you can do to treat the anxiety.  Healthy lifestyle (as best I can as a French fry and chocolate lover) helps stave off my anxiety because I can reassure myself that I'm doing the right things.  Exercise is not only good for heart health but it is good for mental health as well.  I'm glad that you describe yourself as fit and exercising!  Meditation, yoga, massage---  don't discount these natural means to helping with anxiety.  And a counselor is wonderful to help figure out triggers for anxiety and what to do about them.  And there is medication that can really be very effective in helping us.  

Oh, and ya.  I guess ruling out the obvious such as working out causing muscle pain that is in the chest area is important.  

Anyway, best of luck to you!
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Thank you so much I feel a lot better from hearing that! I'm going to stick with it and yet changing my diet and see if that helps any
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I also get them whenever I am driving! In the same spot heavy ness in the center of my chest or sharp pains through chest area. it can be very scary you just have to talk to yourself mentally reassuring yourself that you are okay.
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I suffer from the same, I get really bad tension in my chest before I thought it was a heart attack because it got that bad, I get sharp shooting pains, I used to eat loads of junk like crisps, chocolate, the pains got worse, I am now cut down on it and eating healthy and moving around more and my mind is at ease when I am busy, When I am not doing anything my brain finds things for me to panic about, I talk to myself to reassure myself its just my brain im fine and find something to do even if it's just a walk around the block it helps allot when I get fresh-air too! I had medication (Serotonin) but I got a bad side effect which nearly caused me to go unconscious had them last month and they're still coming out my system and made my anxiety worse! so if you get meds i wouldn't recommend that brand lol, Keep active and busy and you will find that the anxiety and pain will die down a bit more
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Thank you so much for the reassurance!
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