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The IT have come back!!!

Hi guys ,haven't been on this side for a wile. My panic/anxiety have come back to haunt me, but on top of it all i am 25 weeks pregnant. I been wined of Prestige and left with avanza which  i am increasing with the doctors to 37.5I smoke as my thought  never live me alone. I am scared to go out and when i do i think i feel dizzy and i fell like the Flore going to give in on me and then here comes the panic attack ,i try to breath and it seems i do it all day long. When i try to drive some where i keep thinking that i wont get to breath, that something will happened to me and i wont get to get out. And i keep breathing. I know it my thought that make me fill like that but i cant shift them. My fear of the fear kipping me from me having a normal life. Every  doctor i come across with just giving me more negativity. And my doctor said to me today that she is more worried about the baby then me, she say :so what if you don't go out ,its better then putting the baby throe more  tablets. You will pay some other way ,baby gona be crying all the time. Well that made me fill allot better ,NOT.: So i am going to doctor number 2 .
I hope one day i can be strong again. Any advice?
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Panic and anxiety can definitely run in cycles in my experience.  I had a couple of years between bouts of it, but the one common thread that allowed me to function and get through it was talk therapy.  Counseling is the most important step one can take in dealing with this in my opinion.  Furthermore, you are preganant, which can add stress to any situation.  Taking care of yourself by confronting this and understanding it will also help take care of your baby as well, in my opinion....keep us posted!
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Hi cj29.
Today i took a step in to the right direction. Well yesterday when i come back from doctors, I called counseling which hospital gave me , today Mother baby  team called me back. They like sicaetry  i don't even know how to spell it, scico team and  I finally have app with some one who knows a bit about my problem which is on the 20 Jan.
At first i thought oh my, 3 weeks of this  thoughts again, but then i thought, i was like that for a year ,trying to pretend that it is not there , be some one else ,while in side i had turmoil, always in and out the shop or ill take it slow just to prove to my self that i was ok, and when i come out of the shop i say :see i did it, but never felt it: But funny thing is that even if think  i can change them i cant, i am fighting with my self all day long. Like- i am dizzy, or i cant go to the shop i m scared ,and this pains that hurts .and after i started letting it out saying that yes i do have panic att , anxiety  to family (FOR 2 DAYS NOW) i am not getting out of the house at all, Before only i new it and i was  forcing my self to do what i had to do. Man funny thing this is. I am scared to say to my hubby what i am filling, cause i am scared he ll get what i have and with 2 of us sick who will take care of the kids? and there are 4 of them, but he come from work tired and i am asking him to go to the shops ,he gets a bit mad with me but still goes .I fill bad that i am doing this to him. So yeah  , they are small things , but what  will happen if some thing big happens to me?  how will i cope? Friends who don't know what i have telling me <> and here i go again bringing it to my self with little whispers that i cant catch on to in my head. I some days yell out to my self stop **** off, then i get angry and i take out on any one who is there with me at the time.
The lady today said to me on the phone  , that there is relaxing lavender, candles , music, but dose it really works? I have tried that , for few days it didn't really help me , its my thought that is the problem.

Thanks for reading my sobs.
Hope one day i can right what i learned at my app.
One thing for sure i know  or(I THINK I KNOW) who to breath did lots of it and keep doing it now .
Take care lovely people. I love to hear every opinion please. We learn every day something new.
Thank you  
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