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The Shakes - Eating in public

Hi i'm a 24 year old male, my question is in relation to 'the shakes'. I wouldn't class myself as being any more nervous or anxious than the average person yet I have developed a tendancy whereby my hand shakes a lot when eating in public. Even if I'm amongst friends in an environment in which I feel completely at ease, I still experience the same tendancy. It is something that has only recently developed. Can you offer any advice as to what might be causing it and how I might go about treating it, please? I would be most appreciative.
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The shakes could very well be an essential tremor.  I have it too.  It is far worse when in a social situation or when doing a task like cutting veggies or writing, not all the time, but sometimes.  The typical treatment for this is propranolol (a beta blocker) and if there is anxiety along with it, then clonazepam too.  The propranolol will help with the shakes and also anxiety, but if the anxiety is more pronounced and/or with panic attacks then my guess would be that the doctor would prescribe clonazepam with it.  This is something to discuss with your doctor and it might mean a trip to the neurologist to confirm what sounds like essential tremor which, by the way, is more of an annoyance than a serious problem.  I'm no doctor but this is what it sounds like to me and this is the typical treatment most doctors would prescribe.
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I have to agree with barfer - I get a trembling hands and shaky voice in anxiety situations and propranolol (inderal) has completely eliminated the shakiness but has not helped me with the anxiety.
But this is a prescription-only drug.  So, a trip to your doctor is needed.
good luck
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Nothing like trying to eat soup or drink from a tippy cup when you've got that shakes thing going on. I can't count the number of times I've tried to spoon up as little as possible so I'm confident I won't spill the stuff, or used two hands to bring a glass to my mouth. Peas on my fork? Not unless I spear the little suckers. This continues to this day, occasionally, even though I am recovered from panic and anxiety. My approach is to "live" with it because it seldom occurs anymore. For you, the meds may be a possible approach, and, even though you don't describe yourself as "nervous," thetre may be some background issues floating around that make you uneasy in "performance" scenarios -of which eating is one. How do you do when you are eating alone? If better, then I see a hint of some social anxiety. Get a consult about it.
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Thanks for all your advice guys.. I'm going to monitor the situation for a little while with a definite intention to get a consultation in relation to getting some meds if the situation doesn't come to rest. It's something that came about very briefly a few years ago and disappeared as quickly as it came about. Although it is safe to say this time it is much more pronounced.
To answer your question JS.. It's almost non existant when eating or drinking alone. Although my hands do seem to be very slightly shakey from time to time in normal situations, ie. not relating to anxiety.
I am however confused as to why the condition is worst when eating as I have no hang-ups in terms of my physical state. I am very fit and healthy so I can't see it being a psychological thing.
Thanks Barfer for your advice on the type of meds that are used in the treatment of such issues. I'm greatly encouraged that they have seemed well in many cases, and indeed in the case of ashlee_17_17.. Congrats on the presentation by the way ;)
I will of course keep you guys posted.. Thanks again for your advice.
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