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The thought, not taste, of food I make makes me nauseous.

Hi all, so I've opened a profile here because I cannot seem to figure this problem out.  I'm posting it under this community since I suffer from generalized anxiety and suspect it has something to do with that.

I love cooking and will make healthy, Mediterranean style meals for myself that I love.  For some reason, though, I will make it, store it, and then will need to pump myself up to eat it, because the thought of the food I make makes me feel vaguely nauseous.  This isn't all food, because I can eat the same dish that someone else prepares and be fine and not have this weird hang up.  

Does this happen to anyone else?  I don't actually have any other trouble eating, have a good appetite and love healthy food.  It's just baffling and frustrating that I can't seem to eat the food that I make.  Does anyone have any tips or ideas to get past this?  Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts or ideas anyone shares!
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Is there anything that bothers you about the food- like the raw meat, or something of that nature?  Maybe you are just not into leftover type meals for some reason?  I hate them, myself, lol.  Sometimes, I just get 'burnt out' on foods and even if it's something I love, need to take a break from it, in order to be motivated to eat what I have cooked.  

As far as getting past it, it's best to identify the root cause before you can come up with a way to get past it.  Do you have a doctor who is helping with the general anxiety?  I would start there, just mention it to him/her and see if maybe you can narrow down what is causing this all the sudden.  

Best of luck, I'm sure this is frustrating!  
Thanks for your advice, purple1234567!  It's not really any of the ingredients that's the problem, and I will chow down on leftovers if they're from someone else or a restaurant.  It's literally just my own cooking.  I off and on meet with a therapist, so I'll definitely pick their brain about it!  Thanks again!
Do you find that you're very self-critical or very insecure?  It sounds like you are doing one of those nutty things anxiety sufferers and depressed people do, which is to make everything worse by hating on themselves.  This sounds to me like a way of hating on yourself.  You know, therapy would eventually move you to a point where you force yourself to eat your own food over and over until you realize nothing bad is going to happen to you.  You could just do that yourself and skip the build-up and see what happens.
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