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Therapy WORKS!!!

All I have to say is that it really works!! My therapist is amazing. She has finally given me the power to feel like I am in control!!! She has given me tools and exercise's to do to put me in control of my anxiety instead of it controlling me. I would highly, highly recommend THERAPY!!! (i'm pretty sure anyone else would too. :-])

I just have to say that I went bowling today with my boyfriend for the first time since last may!! I am so proud of myself.
I was able to keep my anxiety under control. and I acctually enjoyed myself.

To everyone out there.....THErE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!!!!!!

now lets just see if I can keep enough control to get a job.... :-/
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I agree with you.....therapy does work!
I am happy for you....glad to hear the good news!  you go girl! You CAN do anything you set your mind to, look at yourself, you went bowling!!!! & Enjoyed it too, so you definately can get a job!!  stay strong & positive.

best wishes :)
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awwwwwwww thanks soo much!!!!!!!!!
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keep it going! remember any set back is only a bad moment and we move on!! way to go! good for you!
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