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I'm not sure when it will start but I am eventually going to have to go to therapy for my Anxiety and Depression. I've never gone to therapy before. What is it like? The thought scares me a little. I would appreciate any input.
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Therapy is like sitting on the couch and talking with a complete stranger at first until you build up a relationship with him/her.  You can discuss all you fears/anxieties etc...  For me it took some time to find the right match for me, and now i just love my therapist and i actually look forward to going.  Don't let it scare you, its just 2 adults sitting in a room together and the therapist is there to help you and take that fear away from you.  Give it a shot, i can promise you when you find someone you like, it helps so much.  My anxiety is terrible lately and i am working on that now with my therapist, i just learned that when i get a panic attack to not fight it, to just grab a seat and say to myself OK, this will pass, I know sounds crazy, i haven't tried it yet, but next time i will.  
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Dane gave you some great advice. Sometimes finding the "right" therapist is a bit of a trial and error process.  Just try to go in with an open mind, don't be afraid to be honest, that's their job...they're used to hearing all kinds of stuff.  It's a little weird at first to tell a complete stranger very personal things, but, like dane said, it is so cathartic.  I always leave therapy with a load lifted.

Be positive...like I told you before, you're being proactive about your situation and finally doing something about it.  That alone is a HUGE step!  Be proud of yourself, even just for making the first move!!

Do you have an appt scheduled yet?  Be sure to let us know when you do, I'm, anxious to follow your progress through this.  You can do it!  You will do it!

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Thank you both for your help. I'm still a little nervous talking to a complete stranger. I will try to stay positive. I am not aware of my appointment yet but I know it is coming. It keeps getting pushed back because of other appointments. I want to get better though.
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I understand the nervousness of speaking to a stranger, but remember they are a trained professional and believe me they have heard it all, so what might sound outlandish to us, is so common for the therapist as that 's what they do all day.  Stay positive and try not to get yourself all worked up over it, it will go great and you will feel so much better.  I am so happy that you want to get better and i know you will, just keep up that positive attitude:)
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