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Those not on meds

Can anybody tell me if they are NOT on any meds and dealing with this ****. I refuse to take anything for the anxiety bull but really close to starting. Was prescribed CELEXA any comments on this medication? Good or Bad.
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I tried for 6 months to stay off meds.  Took a lot of amino acids  (5htp, L-thianine, Sam-e) and "managed" it ok-ish but there were plenty of bad days in between.  I'm on Zoloft now and doing fairly well but it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet.
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yup been basicly off meds for a year now. but i do take xanax .125 mg when i have a really huge panic attack..but thats only like once every 2 or 3 months. other than that i manage the anxiety by riding it out and gettin plenty of vitamin bcomplex. my experience with celexa..took one pill and had the biggest panic attack ever..lasted 2 weeks..this wasnt generalized anxiety for two weeks it was a full blown panic attack..i would go with a benzo over an antidepressant even if u r depressed. The depression usually is caused by the anxiety..
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Geeez! Well that's that. I guess I won't be try Celexa! I actually just started taking Vitamin B Complex today. My doc recommended that I take it 3x a day. Do you feel a difference with it?
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actually ive been drinking this juice called "b monster" from odwalla..its 100% juice made berrys and other stuff..u can google it..ive been drinking half cup in the morning and half cup at night..tastes good and it has helped alot..been drinking it since feb or march and the have only had a few panic attacks..it rally relxes the body so that those lil stomach butterflies dont creep and turn in to a big attack..
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actually i made a post about the juice a while back but i guess it got burried..i think u can find it through my profile
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its on my 3rd page of posts..srry for the multiple posts..
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