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Throat Cancer......

......is what i am panicking about today. Why do i have to suffer like this?? WHY GOD!?!?!?!?

i've been having this feeling like there is a lump in my throat for the past week.

I have a doc appointment in 2 weeks...but i cant shake these throat cancer thoughts that are constantly spinning through my head.

My doctor is going to think i am a wingnut! Every month i go in crying, telling her i have lung cancer, aids, heart palpitations, stroke, heart attacks etc etc etc!

someone just shoot me...then i will have something to panic about!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Take a deep breath. Relax. You don't have throat cancer.
A lump in the throat feeling is a very common sign of anxiety.
My lymphnodes get a little enlarged sometimes too.
I think you are fine.
If it makes you feel better, go to the Dr. and get reassurance. =)
But I assure you you are fine.
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I am sure your doctor is well used to you by now and will know exactly how to deal with the situation. She will know your full history. We simply get ideas in our heads and we latch onto them and worry ourselves sick. Some people look up books on illnesses and wonder which one they will have today. It does happen. And it can be so real. Real enough to imagine the symptoms. But take a step back for a second. Sit yourself down. Few deep breaths. Now ask yourself this, out of all the illnesses you have had over the past year, how many were real? try and work out the irrational side of things. Nearly them all? Them all? I used to always say that it took me over a week to know if I was really sick or not. Because I, like you, used to imagine I had everything. To be honest, I seriously got so fed up with up that I simply just stopped thinking about it. It was like I was saying ' so, if I am ill, I am ill '. Give it a go some time. Just sit back. Say ' ok, here I am,'. Just see what happens when you don't fight it. The answer will be nothing. You'll probably just fall asleep. Can only wish you the best of luck.
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I understand what you mean. I feel like that sometimes.  I've been having throat problems off and on for over a year, and I still have problems grasping that its all anxiety.  I freak out about the "C" word tooo.
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